5 Days with My Slow Cooker: Applesauce

(Last Updated On: January 10, 2011)

SlowCookerThis is part one of a five part series on different ways I use my slow cooker. This series is a part of my month long “5 Days With My Appliances” series..

A slow cooker is a great tool as a cook to have at your disposal. It’s great for long cooking processes and it’s great to keep things warm when bringing them to a potluck or party. Over the next 5 days, I will show you some ways that I use my slow cooker. Homemade applesauce is up first.

When I see those jars of pale looking applesauce staring at me at the grocery store, I run away as fast I can. Applesauce you make yourself is so superior. So get your sauce from the produce aisle. Select a combination of sweet and tart apples. When you are ready, turn your slow cooker on, and slice up your apples. If you have a food mill you can keep the skins on, otherwise you will have to remove them before cooking. The slow cooker allows you to gently cook the apples without the worry of burning the bottom of a pan. You can forget about it for a couple hours. And If you like warm applesauce, then you already have your serving vessel! If you find that your sauce has too much liquid it, just put it back in the slow cooker, crank it up to the highest setting and allow the sauce to reduce.

Below you will find my recipes for different flavored sauces:
1. Pomegranate Applesauce
2. Cranberry Applesauce
3. Pear Applesauce
4. Peach Applesauce

For more on selecting the right apples for sauce making, check out this post.