Ann Arbor Tortilla Factory

(Last Updated On: May 25, 2017)

Ann Arbor Tortilla Factory

The tortilla, a multi-purpose collection of flour, water, and salt. You would think with such simple ingredients they would be easy to make. The challenge is getting them thin enough and for the process not to take an hour. We do still make our own tortillas from time to time, but when we need to be quick, we will buy tortillas at the store. When doing so, it’s best to find those that are made close to home and for us that is purchasing tortillas made by the Ann Arbor Tortilla Factory. By buying close to home I am getting the freshest possible product as well as supporting my local economy.

The Ann Arbor Tortilla Factory was started by two sisters who saw the need for preservative free tortillas in the Ann Arbor area. You can read an article about them at They produce white corn table tortillas, tostadas, and chips in these flavors: lime, chili-lime, garlic, and regular salted. We haven’t had their chips before because we like to buy their tortillas, slice them into 4 triangles and deep fry them ourselves to get the freshest possible chip. We like their tortillas because they do not contain perservatives and they are stone ground, which I think gives them a better flavor.

They can be found at stores all over Ann Arbor, including the Produce Station, Plum Market, Sparrow Meat Market, and Whole Foods. For a full list of locations visit their website.

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