Best Turkey Deals or Sales in Ohio (2014)

(Last Updated On: November 18, 2015)
Alton Brown’s Butterflied Dry Brined Turkey
Alton Brown’s Butterflied Dry Brined Turkey

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I have been doing these turkey deals post around Thanksgiving – 5 years running for my home state of Michigan. I thought this year it was time to offer the same kind of information for my friends across the border. I have spend enough time in Ohio over the last few years and visited enough grocery stores to gain any idea for where to shop.

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This list includes many of the store in Ohio but not necessarily every one. If you find one missing, leave a comment below and I will add it to the list.

Whole Foods Market
Locations in Columbus,
Fresh Natural Free Range Turkey $2.69/lb
Fresh Organic Turkey $3.99/lb
Fresh Brined Turkey $2.99/lb
Fresh Kosher Turkey $3.49/lb
Fresh Heirloom Turkey $3.49/lb
Fresh Bone-In Turkey Breast $4.99/lb
Fresh Boneless Turkey Breast $6.99/lb

Various locations throughout the state. I checked the ads near the big cities of Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Columbus and the prices were all the same, so I imagine they would be the same no matter what Meijer store you are at.
50% off all frozen turkeys with additional $20 purchase
Here are some example prices with the 50% off:
Meijer Frozen Turkey $.54/lb
Butterball Frozen Turkey $.99/lb

Lucky’s Market
Location in Columbus
Amish Country All-Natural Turkey $1.39/lb
Plainville Antibiotic-Free Turkey $1.99/lb
Bowman & Landes Locally Raised Free Range Turkey: $3.39/lb

Jungle Jim’s International Market
Locations in Fairfield and Cincinnati, OH
No prices available yet.

Walt Churchill’s Market
Locations in Maumee and Perrysburg, OH
You can pre-order Bowman Landes Fresh Whole Turkey or Turkey Breast. I have contacted them on the price.

Giant Eagle
Various locations throughout Ohio
Giant Eagle Frozen Turkeys USDA Grade A, All sizes $0.69 lb. With an additional $25 purchase.
Honeysuckle White Frozen Turkeys USDA Grade A, 18 lbs. and up $0.99 lb. with an additional $25 purchase.
Giant Eagle Fresh Turkeys, USDA Grade A, All Sizes $1.59 lb.
Nature’s Basket Fresh Turkeys Gluten Free! All Sizes, Raised Without Antibiotics, All Vegetable Diet $2.89/lb
Butterball Frozen Turkeys USDA Grade A, 10 to 22 lb. avg. $1.59 lb.
Bell & Evans Fresh Turkeys 12 to 20 lb. avg., All natural, No Antibiotics $2.99 lb.
Honeysuckle White Frozen Turkey Breast Bone in, 6 to 8 lb. avg. $1.99 lb.

The Andersons
Locations in Toledo, Maumee, Sylvania, and Columbus, OH
No prices advertised as of yet.

Acme Fresh Market
Various locations across Ohio
Acme Frozen Turkey $.59/lb, limit 1 with card
Honeysuckle White Frozen Turkey $.99/lb, limit 2 with card
Acme Frozen Turkey Breast $1.89/lb
Acme Fresh Turkey $1.49/lb
Butterball Frozen Turkey $1.59/lb

The Fresh Market
Locations in Cincinnati, Columbus, Shaker Heights, Toledo, West Chester

You can pre-order the Fresh Market Fresh Turkey for $2.49/lb. This is 20 cents a pound cheaper than the cheapest fresh turkey offered by Whole Foods Market.

Raised in Pennsylvania’s Amish country, our turkeys are fed a vegetarian diet free of animal by-products. Our humane animal welfare standards produce healthy turkeys that grow naturally without the need for antibiotics. As always, our turkeys are produced just prior to each holiday and sold to you fresh. The difference in diet, animal care, and handling is evident in the unmatched taste and tenderness of this bird.

Buehler’s Grocery
Various locations across Ohio
Festival Brand Bone-in Frozen Turkey Breast $1.27/lb
Honeysuckle White Frozen Turkey $.89/lb, limit 1
Amish Valley Fresh Turkey $1.99/lb
Bowman Landes Fresh Free Range Turkey $2.99/lb

Locations in the Cleveland Metro area
No prices listed online, contact store for more prices
Planville All-Natural or Organic Turkeys
Amish Country All-Natural Turkey
Frozen Empire Kosher Turkey
Honeysuckle Frozen Turkey
Butterball Frozen Turkey

Various location across Ohio
Kroger Frozen Turkey $.99/lb

Trader Joe’s
Locations in Cincinnati, Kettering, Woodmere, Westlake, Columbus, Dublin
Turkey arrive November 15th, 2014.
Trader Joe’s All Natural, Brined, Fresh Young Turkeys (12-22 pound birds) for $1.99 per pound
Glatt Kosher, All Natural, Fresh Young Turkeys (12-16 pound birds) for $2.49 per pound.

Chief Market
Locations in Paulding, Wauseon, Delphos, Celina, Coldwater, Defiance, Bryan
Prices coming soon!

Earth Fare
Locations in Dayton, Akron, Cleveland, Columbus
Fresh Organic Turkey $3.99/lb
Fresh Natural Turkey $2.28/lb
Bone-In Fresh Natural Turkey Breast $5.99/lb
Boneless Fresh Turkey Breast $6.99/lb

Dorothy Lane Market
Locations in Dayton and Springboro
DLM Fresh Free-Range Turkey $3.99/lb
DLM Fresh Free-Range Turkey Breast $6.19/lb
Herb Brined Turkey $4.29/lb
Apple Sage Brined Turkey $4.29/lb

Marsh Stores
Locations in Southwest Ohio
Norbest or Honeysuckle Frozen Turkey $.58/lb (limit 1, with additional $25 purchase)
Butterball All Natural Frozen Turkey $.78/lb (limit 1, with additional $25 purchase)

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