Book Review – Cookies for Christmas by Jennifer Darling

(Last Updated On: December 7, 2009)

One of the best things about Christmas, is the cookies! Jennifer Darling knows that and has beautifully laid out her book “Cookies for Christmas” with all sorts of unique and artistic creations. The book contains colorful pictures of each creation. It seems like she included every time of cookie imaginable. The cookies that are great for kids are all marked with a special logo in the corner. Your kids will love helping with these recipes. The book also contains instruction on how to make your own nativity scene out of food, gingerbread cottages, ornaments, and much more. I haven’t gotten to try out any of the recipes yet, but it says on the back of the book that all he recipes in the book have been tested out in the Better Homes and Gardens Test Kitchen. So if you trust the judgment of the people at Better Homes and Gardens, then you might want to have this book on hand this Christmas.