Book Review – Great Garden Companions by Sally Jean Cunningham

(Last Updated On: October 23, 2009)

If you are having trouble deciding how to set up your garden, then I recommend reading this book. “Great Garden Companions” by Sally Jean Cunningham provides information on how to pair plants together for the best growing results. For each vegetable it lists what you should grow nearby to bring benefits to your veggies. One example I tried out was the Three Sisters garden, which involves planting corn surrounded by pole beans which can climb the corn and at the bottom a member of the squash family. All three of these work together to help each other as well as safe space. Unfortnately for me, the animals got to my plants before I could yield any results (but that’s another post!). This book not only tells us what vegetables work together, but what flowers you can plant near your vegetables in order to bring in beneficial insects and keep out the bad ones. In the process you can make your garden look pretty too! I will be reaching for this book again early next spring when I begin planning for next year’s garden.