Book Review – Laura Werlin’s Cheese Essentials

(Last Updated On: January 10, 2011)

CheeseEssentials Cheese is my favorite food. Nothing can beat good cheese. I have been searching for good resources on cheese, but everyone I found didn’t have the information I wanted. Until I stumbled upon “Laura Werlin’s Cheese Essentials”. The thing that all other cheese books lacked that I have seen is a listing of cheese by flavor (mild, medium, strong, etc.) This book has that and a wealth of other great information. The book is broken down into categories for each type of cheese: fresh, semi-soft, soft-ripened, surface-ripened, semi-hard, hard, blue, and washed rind. For each cheese she explored where they come from, the characteristics of their type, how to use them, how to store them and specific recipes. She even includes a little tidbits on how is making the best cheeses across the country. The book itself is easy to read, visually appealing, and well laid out. If you are cheese lover, this is the must have book. It even comes with an endorsement from my favorite Food Network personality, Alton Brown. With this book in any, you wouldn’t neend another book on this topic again.