Book Review – Seed-Starting Primer & Almanac

(Last Updated On: March 23, 2010)

If you plan on starting anything from seed this year in your garden, the book “Gardener to Gardener Seed-Starting Primer and Almanac” is the resource book that will make your life easier. It helped me in learning how to grow seeds indoors (hopefully I will be successful!). The book goes month by month to provide you will useful tips. Each month has a to-do list. Each list is broken down by zone, so you will know what to do based on where you live.

This book will teach you everything from taking care of those pesky weeds to creating a successful pepper harvest. This is a great resource that you can turn turn throughout the year. The book does a good job of answering questions about common problems that arise during the year. It also includes comments from gardeners around the country, offer their best tips. I highly recommend you pick up this book.