Cherry Root Bear One thing I love about visiting different grocery stores is discovering new products I have never seen before. I imagine it’s the same feeling archaeologists get when they discover a new find or when a movie pirate discovers buried treasure. I discovered a new find on my own yesterday, while visiting Westborn Market in Berkeley, MI. This market has a section completely dedicated to Michigan made products. One of those products was a variety of cherry sodas made by the Cherry Republic. The sodas have the name “Boom Chugga Lugga” proceeding the flavor on the label. They had several choices, so it was hard to narrow down a single selection. I decided to try their Cherry Root Bear. Not thats not a typo, I did mean to write bear there. This root beer contains cherry juice from cherries harvested in Michigan. It has been sweetened with cane sugar. I have never seen a cherry flavored root beer before. Cherry works well with cola, so I figured it could work well with root beer as well.

5stars Move over cola, your not cherry’s on companion. This was very good. The cherry did work well with the root beer flavor. The cherry didn’t overwhelm the root beer, it just added to it. The drink has a nice, light carbonation, that just flowed off the tongue without burning like most name brands do (I am looking at you Coke!). The cherry flavor lingers in your mouth, giving you one of the best aftertastes I have seen in a drink. I am excited about trying more from this company!

Where to Buy
You can purchase their sodas as well as many other products that include Michigan cherries, online from their website or visit them in stores. They have 4 Michigan locations: Glen Arbor, Traverse City, Charlevoix, and the soon to be opened Ann Arbor store (right in my neck of the woods!).


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  1. Alexandra McGregor May 4, 2011, 5:38 pm


    I go to school in upstate New York, and my mom consistently sends my friends and I this root “bear” ALL the time! We love to have the root “bear” with delicious cookies at school during finals. I would definitely recommend this to everyone!

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