By Ounce, Not Total Price

(Last Updated On: October 19, 2009)

I believe there is information on a grocery store price marker that is often left unread and that is the price by ounce.  Often I think people just look for the cheapest price without considering what it is costing them per ounce. Often it times it’s better to by a bigger size container of a product than the smaller one because your getting a better deal per ounce. Now I don’t recommend doing that on all products. If your not going to use the amount of product in the time it will go bad, then buy what you are not going to use. That’s the mistake people make at the Sam’s Club and Costco’s of this world. But why buy the smallest bag of brown sugar, spend more money per ounce and then be back at the store for more brown sugar two weeks later?

A mistake I use to make was, when shopping for beef, I would pick out the cheapest steaks I could get by their total price. The problem was I was picking out small cuts of $3.99-$4.99 per lb cuts of meat instead of getting more meat for my money with $1.99-$2.99 per lb cuts that were larger in size. Yes I can make $1.99 per lb cut of beef edible and delicious but that’s another entry.