Over the last month, I have gotten a lot of hits on the topic of the electric skillet. One question that has come up more than once, is can you bake in an electric skillet? Can I turn out a batch of chocolate chips cookies in such a device? In order to answer the question we first need to know what it means to be bake. Baking is exactly the same process as roasting. People typically use the word baking when creating sweet items like cookies, brownies, and cakes. People typically use roasting when cooking big hunks of meat, like beef, chicken, or turkey. Although no one seems to say I roasted a ham. Do you bake or roast your potatoes?

The process of baking or roasting involves cooking something with dry heat. If you are using liquid than you are braising or stewing. Baking/roasting involves two processes of cooking: radiation and convection. In an electric skillet your food is touching the source of heat, the bottom of the skillet, so this is not radiate heat, this is cooking via conduction. Convection involves cooking through the movement of air around the food. Air cannot move around the bottom of the food in an electric skillet, so convection isn’t taking place. So technically speaking it is not possible to bake in an electric skillet.

If you tried to make cookies in an electric skillet, they would not cook evenly. The bottom would easily burn, and if you are using one without a non-stick surface, then you would have to use oil in order for them not to stick and then you would be frying your cookies. The closest you would come to making cookies, is making pancakes. Pancakes are cooked via conduction and are flipped when one side is cooked.

In closing, keep your baking in a oven. Check out my electric skillet page for recipes that will work in an electric skillet.

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