11 Costco Cheeses

Buying something good as well as getting it cheap can be hard to. Usually if something is cheap is not good and if it’s good, it’s not cheap. Cheese can be that way. Super discounted sales on store brand cheese is saving you money but costing you in the taste department (unless you like your cheese to that taste like wax or plastic). But there is a way to have your cake (or cheese in this case) and eat it too. Costco has an array of cheeses available for under $5 per pound that both quality and aren’t going to break the bank.

Here is a list of 11 cheeses that I found on a Costco visit in April of 2015. Prices and selection may vary by store, so check your local Costco for availability.

Cheese Price per pound
Dofion Sliced Havarti $4.45
Finlandia Swiss/Colby/Cheddar/Jack $3.99
Adams Reserve NY Extra Sharp Slices $3.99
BelGioioso Mozzarella Logs $3.45
Alouette Baby Brie $4.79
Kerrygold Dubliner $3.82
Tillamook Medium Cheddar $3.59
Cabot Habnero Cheddar $4.69
Cabot Seriously Sharp White Cheddar $4.25
Tillamook Colby $3.85
Fantis Feta $3.83

Costco Cheese

That is a nice selection of cheeses. You got some perfect for your lunch time sandwhich, your homemade pizza, dinner salad, or perfect snack. Let me talk a little bit more about some of these great cheeses.

BelGioioso Mozzarella Logs

BelGioioso Mozzarella Logs | $3.45/lb

I love BelGioioso (pronounced Bel-Joy-Oso). They are an award winning cheese maker out of Green Bay, Wisconsin, specializing in Italian cheeses made in American. Their mozzarella logs are among the best mozzarella you can buy and at $3.45 per pound that is a fantastic deal. Their mozzarella is the winner of American Cheese Society (1st Place) Best of Class in 2014, 2011, 2002, 1994. You can thinly slice the cheese and add it to your homemade pizza or it’s perfect for a calabrese salad.

Costco Cheese

Tillamook Medium Cheddar | $3.59/lb

Oregon-based Tillamook makes one of the best cheddar that you can find pretty much anywhere, but unless you like on the west coast I doubt will ever find it for such a great price. A wonderful cheese to pair up with your favorite cracker. This cheddar is aged 60 days, made from using the same recipe they have been using for over 100 years. You can also pick up Tillamook Colby for $3.85/lb.

Costco Cheese

Cabot Seriously Sharp White Cheddar | $4.25/lb

Cabot is a co-op of 1,200 dairy farm families located in New York and the New England states. Another award wining cheese for the cheddar lover who lives their cheese to bite back. A full flavored Vermont cheddar that would be perfect for your classic homemade mac & cheese. If you want a cheese that will really bite you, try their Habnero cheddar also for under $5 per pound.

Costco Cheese

Adams Reserve NY Extra Sharp Slices | $3.99/lb

They had this cheese on sample the day I visited Costco. It is a nice sharp cheddar, already sliced up, ready to go on turkey sandwich or grilled cheese. This cheese won the 2014 World Cheese Competition Gold Medal for Best Aged Cheddar.

I found this hilarious video from Adams Reserve on YouTube. Give it a watch.

As you can see you can buy award winning cheeses from amazing companies without spending more than $5 per pound! For the cheese fanatic like me, this make be the reason in itself to buy a Costco membership.


Supremo Mexican Cheeses

Happy Cinco de Mayo! What a great excuse to eat some Mexican food or at least what Americans think of as Mexican food. For me often good food starts with good cheese. Usually if you search your grocery store’s cheese counter you can find some Mexican cheese on sale. My local Meijer store had a sale on all their V&V Supremo brand cheese (from Chicago, Illinois) – just what I wanted. I picked up the three varieties they had and am going to share a little about each one and why you should get them any time of year.

Queso Fresco

Whenever I think of Mexican cheeses the first thing that comes to mind is always Queso Fresco. It’s a classic crumbling cheese. I call this the ultimate salad cheese. Nothing goes better with some fresh baby greens than Queso Fresco. I am sure all the Feta fans will be up in arms but I just prefer the taste of Queso Fresco in my salads. It’s salty and mild. It doesn’t have that sharp taste of feta. I am a vinaigrette guy, so I get plenty of kick from my vinegar in my dressings. You can also use it on tacos. We made fajitas today and my wife put some on hers along with the next cheese.

Cotija Cheese

Queso Sierra Cotija is named after the town of Cotija in the state of Michoacan. This is a Mexican version of Parmesan. It has the same kind of nutty flavor. Unlike the other two cheeses I picked up this one was only available already grated. For the sake of trying it, I let my rule of not buying already grated cheese slide. This cheese is great performing any task Parmesan does – put in on pasta, pizza, and like we did on our fajitas. I like this kind of cheese on meat. It adds a nutty cheese flavor without feeling too heavy.

Queso Chihuahua

Quesadilla lovers this is the cheese to have. Forget the cheddar – this cheese is a wonderful melter, leaving you with a velvet like consistency and a buttery flavor. Trust me if you this cheese on a Qusadilla you will never want to go back. This cheese would be wonderful on pizza instead of mozzarella. Grilled cheese of course too! If you need to melt some cheese consider this one.

Whether it’s Cinco de Mayo, Fourth of July, or any other day on the calendar, give a try to any of V&V Supremo cheeses and you wouldn’t be let down.


Catamount Hills Cheese

Let’s welcome back a series of my blog, dedicated to things that I find at Whole Foods Market. These items are special items that I either encountered there for the first time or are exclusives to Whole Foods. Today I am going to talk about one of those exclusives. Many of you have probably heard of Cabot. Their cheeses can be found all over the country in stores like Walmart, Kroger, Meijer, etc.

What’s So Special About Catamount Hill Cheese
Even thought Cabot cheese is sold all over, their Catamount Hills cheese is an exclusive to Whole Foods Market. The sticker describes the cheese as “A hand-selected, hard Italian-type cheese with notes of swiss and Parmesan flavors.” It is a type of cheddar cheese. When I offered a sample up to my wife, the first thing she said is that is tastes like swiss and Parmesan together. The milk that this cheese comes from was produced by cows that are never given artificial growth hormones. The cheese also contains 0 grams of lactose.

How Much Did This Cheese Cost?
Is it a regular part of their rotation of 3 day sales cheese. Every Friday to Sunday, you will find some cheese in their cheese department on sale. I have seen Catamount Hills make a couple apperance in that rotation. Normally the cheese is priced at $8.99/pound. For this 3 day sale it was $4.99/lb – which is a fantastic value.

Does Catamount Hills Cheese Melt Well?
This cheese is a wonderful melter. Grilled cheese fan? Totally go for it.

Kid Approved Mac & Cheese
My 7 year old daughter was not really feeling mac & cheese that night, but after she ate it said it was the best mac & cheese. My other daughter asked for 3 helpings of it. To say it was a hit with the kids would be underestimate. I know it’s not hard to get kids to like mac & cheese, but I have turned mine into mac & cheese snobs. I can’t just throw any cheese in the sauce and call it a day (and just try and serve them the blue boxed stuff, you don’t even want to go there). They usually really go for a gouda & cheddar combo, but Cabot Catamount Hills did the work that it normally takes two cheeses to do. It’s aformentioned swiss & parmesan like flavor, really shines in the mac & cheese. I was absolutely floored at what one cheese could accomplish all on it’s own.


Gouda Red Wax

Cheddar and pasta. They are like best friends. Has there ever been a combination of two ingredients that I have eaten together more in my life? While cheddar is always the easy go to for mac & cheese are there other options out there, just as worthy of your time – say Gouda maybe? (Learn more about Gouda and how it’s made). This dutch cheese is a beautiful melter that will be an excellent addition to your mac & cheese. It has a certain creaminess that you just don’t find in cheddar cheese. Let me show you how to use it.

Red Wax Gouda

Choosing the Right Gouda
First, you want to choose something that is going to have some flavor. A really young Gouda is great paired up with some crackers but often too mild for mac & cheese. Look for a red wax Gouda that has been aged. It should have a light tan color. I wouldn’t pick something too old either, you want a cheese that is going to melt nicely. If it shreds nicely it should work out just fine. Most of the time you will easily spot the red wax Gouda and that takes all the worries away. If you really want to up the flavor ante, go for a smoked Gouda. Most stores carry them. The smokiness won’t be as pronounced in the final dish as the cheese itself, so it should provide a nice flavor note without overwhelming your taste buds. I would still do light on the smoked first just to be sure you like it.

As it related to price, Gouda and cheddar are pretty comparable. You should be able to find Gouda for around $3.99 to $5.99 per pound. Of course there are more expensive Goudas but anything in the given price range should be just fine to produce a quality mac & cheese.

Gouda versus Cheddar

100% Gouda versus 50/50 Gouda/Cheddar Mix
I decided to run a little experiment. I made two batches of mac & cheese. One using 100% red wax gouda and the other using a 50/50 mix of gouda and sharp cheddar cheese. Both of the cheeses I shredded myself. You really don’t find shredded Gouda in a bag and even if you did, I would avoid the already shredded cheese. You will find mold inhibitors and corn starch (most likely GMO) often added to shredded cheese – there is no reason to run the risk of those ingredients being harmful just to save you some time. A simple box grater or even your food processor gets the job done. That way you are not stuck with just using what’s offering in the bags.

For both recipes I made a simple roux with 1/2 stick of butter melted, then added 3 tablespoons flour and 1/4 teaspoon mustard powder. Then added 2 cups of milk, and when it boiled, added 8 ounces of cheeses (1 batch of 8 ounce of Gouda and one batch of 4 oz sharp cheddar mixed with 4 oz of Gouda). The 100% Gouda mac & cheese took longer to melt, I had to stir it more to evenly melt the cheese. It produced a rich, creamy mac & cheese that I just wanted to gobble up on the spot! The 50/50 mix was good but not as flavorful as the 100% Gouda. My kids still prefer the 50/50 mix over just straight cheddar.

Gouda and Mix Mac Cheese

Reheating Problems
Later on I tested how each mac & cheese did being re-heated in the microwave. The 100% Gouda clumped up really badly. It lost any creamy texture it had. Flavor was still there. The mix performed better, still with some clumps since it also has the Gouda in it. If you want a mac & cheese that is going to perform well reheated then Gouda is not the best choice. It’s best to use it when you are going to eat the meal right away.

Next time your making macaroni and cheese without the box really go outside the box and go Gouda! You will be glad that you did.

Gouda Macaroni & Cheese
  • 1 lb dried pasta (elbows, penne, cavatappi)
  • 8 ounces shredded Gouda cheese
  • 4 tablespoons butter
  • 2 cups whole milk
  • ¼ ground mustard
  • 3 tablespoons all-purpose flour
  • salt and black pepper to taste
  1. Bring 1 gallon of water that has been salted to a boil. Then add pasta. Cook until al dente.
  2. Melt the butter in large saucepan. Add the flour, mustard, salt, and pepper. Stir to combine. Cook until all the flour has mixed in and the mixture takes on a little brown color.
  3. Add milk. Bring to a boil. Stir constantly for 1 minute.
  4. Slowly add in the cheese. Mix until smooth.
  5. Pour over pasta. Serve immediately for best results. Or you can bake it in a 350 degree oven for 25-30 minutes to get a nice brown crust on top.



Goat Muenster Cheese

When somehow ask whether you like goat cheese, do you a) smile and say yes please! or b) run for the nearest exit. People seem to have a strong opinion on goat cheese. It’s a love/hate thing, with not a lot of people in the middle. A lot of people assume that all goat cheese has this strong, earthy, tangy flavor. I am here to say that this isn’t true. You need to look for mild goat cheese and that can start by looking for typical cow’s milk cheese made from goat’s milk. Here are a few examples:

Goat Milk Muenster
This is one I found recently. Pasture Pride Cheese makes a goat milk muenster. Now I am not talking about the French version which is a strong stinky cheese, but the traditional American muenster that is white with orange around the edges. It is a mild cheese that one of my favorite melters. The goat milk version had the same feel as a muenster, a little extra kick, almost fresher taste. I picked up this cheese at Holiday Market in Canton, Michigan.

Goat Milk Cheddar
Trader Joe’s sells a 5 month old goat milk cheddar. It is a mild cheddar that is flavorful and not overly “goat”. This cheese is extremely white in color.

Goat Milk Gouda
Whole Foods Market sells Yodeling Goat Gouda. I picked it up once on one of their 3 day weekend sales. In a blind taste test I probably wouldn’t have assumed this is made from goat’s milk. It is a milder gouda with a tame flavor.

Lactose and Goat Cheese
People that have problem digesting the lactose in cow’s milk cheeses, may be better off with goat cheese. Goat cheese does still contain lactose however the fat globules in goat’s milk are smaller and do not separate in the milk. Goat’s milk is naturally homogenized. Some people may be able to do ok with goat’s cheese because of this, but still depends on the person. If you are someone that wants to try this and has been turned off by the taste of goat cheese in the past, might want to try one of the milder “cow-type” cheeses mentioned above.


Old Croc Cheese

Strength: Sharp
Purchased At: Hillers (Ann Arbor, MI)
Price: $3.89 on sale
Would Buy Again: Yes!

There are billions blocks of cheddar you can find at the grocery store. Maybe not billions, but options are not limited. It’s not something unusual or special. So how do you make another block of cheddar cheese stand out? Well of course put an crocodile on the package. Trugman-Nash distributes Australian cheese under their Old Croc brand. When I checked out their website, my kids wondered what I was doing when they heard the sounds in nature you would expect to hear around a crocodile.

Old Croc Extra Sharp has been aged for 18 months and comes in an 7 oz square. It is made with 100% grass fed milk. The cows are not treated with any kind of growth hormones. The cheese has a pleasant bite to it way better than you are going to get from the store brand sharp cheddar that so many buy. I find those cheeses to be just sharp with no real flavor. This cheese was creamy, full flavored, with a slight nutty taste. It worked really well in mac & cheese!

What is Unique About Australian Cheddar?
Think about where Australia is. All by it’s lonesome. The grass that grows there isn’t going to be exactly like the grass that grows here in Michigan. They say you are what you eat, well a cow’s milk is effected by what it eats. Naturally an Australian cheddar is going to taste a bit different than an Irish cheddar or an American cheddar. A good reason to make up a cheddar cheese board with various options from around the world.

Here is the list of stores that carry Old Croc Cheddar. This information comes right from their official website.

Earth Fare, The Fresh Market, Winn Dixie


Safeway, Wholefoods Pacific Region

Brookshire, The Fresh Market, Food Giant

California (Northern)
Andronico’s, Berkley Bowl, Bristol Farms, Draeger’s Markets, The Fresh Market, Gelson’s, Lucky, Lunardi’s, Molly Stone, New Leaf Community Markets, Nugget Markets, Raley’s, Safeway, Savemart, Scolarie’s, Smart and Final, State Bros.

California (Southern)
Bristol Farms, The Fresh Market, Gelson’s, Safeway, Smart and Final, Stater Bros, Von’s, Wholefoods Pacific Region

Adam’s Super Food, Big Y, Caraluzzi’s, Chanaty’s, Dags, Fitzgerald’s, Food Town, The Fresh Market, Fitzgerald’s, Geissler’s, Irg Stores, Key Foods, LaBonnes, Market Basket, Price Chopper, Rogers Market Place, Safeway, Shaw’s, Stop & Shop, TriTown Foods

AWI, Giant Landover, Harris Teeter, Safway, Supervalu

District of Columbia
Harris Teeter, Safeway

ABC Liquor, Crown Wine & Spirits, Doris Market, Earth Fare, The Fresh Market, Harris Teeter, Winn Dixie

Earth Fare, The Fresh Market, Ingle’s Markets, Piggly Wiggly, Winn Dixie

Safeway, Wholefoods Pacific Region

Angelo Caputo’s, Big Apple Finer Foods, Blue Goose, Brookhaven Markets, Butera Finer Foods, Caputo’s New Farm Produce, Cermak, Dominick’s, Fair Play Foods, Fresh Farms, The Fresh Market, Freshline Foods, Garden Fresh, Gene’s Sausage, Harvestime Foods, Hyde Park Produce, Jerry’s Fruit Market, Joe Caputo & Sons, Kramer Foods, Market Place, Pete’s Fresh Market, Produce Center, Produce World, Schnucks Markets, Shop & Save, Sunset Foods, Tony’s Finer Foods, Treasure island, Valli Produce, Westbrook Market


Earth Fare, The Fresh Market, Schnucks Markets


The Fresh Market

Earth Fare, Food Giant, The Fresh Market, Liquor Barn

Brookshire, The Fresh Market, Winn Dixie

AWI, AG NE, Demoula’s Market Basket, Shaw’s, Stop & Shop

The Fresh Market, Giant Carlisle, Giant Landover, Harris Teeter, Martin’s, Safeway, Weis Markets

AG NE, Big Y, Demoula’s Market Basket, Doneland’s, The Fresh Market, Food City, Geissler’s, Highland Park, Irg Stores, Market Basket, Omni Foods, Price Chopper, Roche Bros, Shaw’s, Stop & Shop, Sudbury Farms

Hiller’s Markets, Joe’s Produce Gourmet Market

Cub Foods, Festival Foods

The Fresh Market, Food Giant, Winn Dixie

Food Giant, Pyramid Foods, Schnucks Markets


Apple Market, Rudd’s Market, Safeway, Supersaver

Nevada (Northern)
Raley’s, Safeway, Scolarie’s, Von’s

Nevada (Southern)
Safeway, Scolarie’s, Von’s, Wholefoods Pacific Region

New Hampshire
AG NE, Demoula’s Market Basket, The Fresh Market, Harvest Markets, Market Basket, Price Chopper, Shaw’s, Stop & Shop

New Jersey
AWI, Costa’s Food Market, Elmer IGA, Foodtown, Frenchtown Market, The Fresh Market, Giant Carlisle, Key Foods, Martin’s, McCaffrey’s Super Market, Pomona Market, Roebling Market, Stop & Shop, Supervalu, Weis Markets

New York
Best Yet Markets, D’Agostino’s, Foodtown, The Fresh Market, Hegedorn’s Markets, Hillsdale Market, King Kullen, Key Foods, Martin’s, Price Chopper, Stop & Shop, Weis Markets

New Mexico

North Carolina
Earth Fare, The Fresh Market, Harris Teeter, Ingle’s Markets, Piggly Wiggly, Supervalu

Earth Fare, The Fresh Market

The Fresh Market, Petty’s Fine Foods, Reasor’s

Red Apple, Safeway, Thriftway

AWI, Bethayres Market, Central Market, The Fresh Market, Giant Carlisle, Landis Supermarket, McCaffrey’s, Price Chopper, Safeway, Supervalu, Weis Markets

Rhode Island
Dave’s, Demoula’s Market Basket, Shaw’s, Stop & Shop

South Carolina
Earth Fare, The Fresh Market, Harris Teeter, Ingle’s Markets, Piggly Wiggly

Earth Fare, Food City, Food Giant, The Fresh Market, Harris Teeter, Ingle’s Markets

Brookshire, The Fresh Market, Randall’s, Tom Thumb’s, United Supermarkets

AG NE, Shaw’s, Vista, Price Chopper

Farm Fresh, Food City, The Fresh Market, Giant Landover, Harris Teeter, Martin’s, Safeway, Supervalu

Red Apple, Safeway, Thriftway

West Virginia
Giant Carlisle, Martin’s, Safeway, Supervalu, Weis Markets

Cub Foods, Festival Foods, The Fresh Market, Schnucks Markets


Price: $12.99/lb
Strength: Sharp
Purchased At: Whole Foods Market (Ann Arbor, MI)
Would Buy Again: Maybe

I am a big fan of raw milk cheeses. I think they have more flavor than cheeses made with pasteurized milk. I wrote last year about raw milk cheddar, which has been the only kind of cheese I have had in the raw. But now you can add gouda to the list. I saw some wedges of a raw milk gouda at Whole Foods Market recently. The wedges were going for $12.99/lb, which is more than I like to pay for my cheese, however they had a lot of little wedges to give you a try that I could get for under $2.

Not only is this gouda a raw milk variety, it is a farmhouse cheese. This means the people that milk the cows, make the cheese right on site. A cheesemaker can’t get milk any fresher than that. For this cheese to also meet it’s farmhouse guidelines the cheese can only be made when the cows are in pasture, so it is not made during the colder winter months.

As for how the cheese fared with my palate, I found it to be creamy and full-flavored cheese. It has a pleasant sweetness to it. A good quality gouda, but I don’t know if I would pay that price again, when I can get other goudas that are just as delicious to me. It’s still worth your time and money if you are a huge fan of gouda. You can purchase the cheese at Whole Foods and online via Zingerman’s Mail Order.

Want to learn more about gouda, check out my what is gouda post?


Price: $6.99/lb
Strength: Sharp
Purchased At: The Andersons Market (Sylvania, OH)
Would Buy Again: Yes

Today I am reviewing a cheese with an interesting story. This cheese is a joint venture involving 2 Jeffs and two states. Jeff Weidman is a master cheesemaker from Wisconsin. Jeff Jirik works for Caves of Faribault in Minnesota. These two friends came together to great this amazing gouda, called Jeffs’ Select. The process begins in Wisconsin with with a clsssic Dutch method of making gouda. Then the cheese is moved to caves in Minnesota. What is the significant of aging the cheese in a cave? These particularly caves have no dripping in them and there is actually the cave air is slightly acidic. This makes for a great environment to age cheese in.

The color of this cheese is a rich yellow color with a orange colored rind. It has a bold flavor in all the good ways. It hits you with it’s sharpness and as you eat it you get the creaminess of a great gouda. I felt the cheese was more salty than others, even though the description I read said just a hint of salt. However I think that saltiness enhances the flavor experience. Plus I use this gouda in some mac & cheese and I didn’t have to add much salt.

This gouda is a keeper for sure. It is different from any other gouda I have and if I come across it again I wouldn’t mind forking over some dollar bills for a chunk.

Want to learn more about gouda, check out my what is gouda post?


What is Tuma Cheese

This post is a part of my What is ____ Cheese Series? featuring | Muenster | Brick | Gouda | Colby

Sometimes when you are trying to identify or classify cheeses you end up with some names being used for more than one type of cheese. There isn’t set rules that everyone uses when it comes to naming cheees. Which is why I found it difficult in looking up information on a cheese called Tuma. The cheese that I found at several grocery stores in the Metro Detroit is labeled as domestic tuma. It is a white cheese that is about as soft as fresh mozzarella. It is mild like mozzarella, but I think it has more flavor than mozzarella.

What to Use Domestic Tuma For?
This cheese can be used in any way you would use mozzarella. I love it on pizza. I would rather pick it over mozzarella any day. It melts just as beautifully, and adds more flavor to the pizza.

Where You Find Domestic Tuma
So far I have found at these Michigan stores:
Nino Salvaggio – Clinton Township, MI
Westborn Market – Berkeley, MI

If you have come across this cheese, let me know where you can find it.


Price: $9.99/lb
Strength: Mild
Purchased At: Fresh Market in Toledo, OH
Would Buy Again: Oh yeah!

I spend a lot of time researching as a part of my blog. In that research I come across many different things I hope to try someday. This list seems to grow everyday. But this week I got to check off one of the items on my list. I have read before about Carr Valley cheese. I read about their reputation for producing quality cheese. I found a slab of their baby cheddar during a recent trip to Toledo, Ohio. Whenever I visit a new grocery store, I always make sure to check out their cheese selection. I saw this chunk of cheese and couldn’t wait to try it. I am fan of more mild cheeses, particularly when it comes to cheddar. The idea of biting into a baby cheddar produced by a company I have heard good things about was very appealing.

The cheese was not disappointing in the least. The texture just melts in your mouth. It’s more moist than most cheddars I have had, but not too the point where the cheese is too soft at all. The flavor is deliciously mild. A wonderful cheese to enjoy by itself or with a plate of crackers. This cheese goes right to the top of my list of my all time favorite cheddars.

This baby cheddar is made in small vats, into 23 lb wheels. It is aged for only 30 to 60 days and is covered in a red wax. The people that made this cheese have been in business for over 100 years. They make their cheese in a traditional style using old fashion methods. To find out more about their cheeses, check out their website. They have a great selection of different cheddars. They make milk, sheep, goat, and mixed milk cheeses. You can also order maple syrup, honey, and jams & jellies from them.

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