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  • The Lemonade Lemon

    Lemonade Lemon Fruit

    I like many, love a good cup of lemonade – freshly squeezed lemons of course. The tartness and flavor of the lemon, mixed with some sugar ad water, simple and comforting. At times I thought wouldn’t it be nice if we could peel and eat a lemon just like an orange. Enjoy that same flavor […]

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  • Snow Sweet Apples

    The name of an apple can really draw one’s attention. One of the reasons why honeycrisp is so popular is because it has crisp in it’s name (a lot of newer varieties are coming out doing the same thing like Crismon Crisp, Evercrisp, Autmn Crisp, etc). If it had some weird name like Red Bershaw […]

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  • Honeygold Apples

    As far as I am concerned – yellow-skinned apples are better set aside for other varieties. A lot of us are use to store bought Golden Delicious apples that are soft, mealy, and flavorless, available year around. I am always on the look out for new yellow apples to try. Last week during my trip […]