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There is no doubt that I love exploring grocery stores – as much as a pirate like searching for buried treasure. It is what I do for a past time. Whenever I am out of town I am looking for a grocery store to go into. I am a grocery store nerd to the core. On a recent trip to Chicago I got to make my first trip to Mariano’s. Back in January I drove by a Mariano’s. I was not able to stop as I was talking my wife and youngest daughter to O’Hare. I was disappointed that time but not this one. Lots of great finds to be had at Mariano’s. Below is some of the items that peaked my interest and should peak yours as well.

The front of the Mariano's  nearest to Chicago Union Station. There is also a Whole Foods right down the street.

The front of the Mariano’s nearest to Chicago Union Station. There is also a Whole Foods right down the street.

A collage of some of the produce selection on the day of my visit.

A collage of some of the produce selection on the day of my visit.

Of course the most important section to me is produce. Whenever I go into a new grocery store I am looking for unique or specialty items. Not just your plain old Cavendish bananas, navel oranges, or Honeycrisp apples. Mariano’s did not disappoint. They had plenty to offer beyond the basics. The thing I was most excited about were the Verry Cherry Plums. They are a cross between a plum and a cherry. They are smaller than your average plum but bigger than a cherry. They taste like a really sweet, flavorful plum, that has a really small pit. I really wish more stores carried these. I hope to see production of Cherry Plums ramp as well. If you can get a hold of these treasures, please do yourself a flavor (see what I did there) and buy them! They may be more expensive than other plum varieties but they are worth it.

Crown Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup

Crown Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup

How do you make maple syrup even better? Age it in bourbon barrels. It’s amazing the kind of flavor the syrup can pick up by just sitting in a barrel. Bourbon barrel aged maple syrup has a more butterscotch, smoky flavor. Really rich and a real treat for breakfast or even on top of ice cream. Check out another variety of syrup of Bourbon barrel aged syrup I reviewed this year.

Bags full of dried beans, lentils and the like.

Bags full of dried beans, lentils and the like.

I got to say I love when stores take bushel baskets, line them with burlap, and display dried beans, rice, lentils, etc in them. It looks really inciting – more so than when in a plastic bin that has no character. I was excited to see dried Tongue of Fire beans. This is a beautiful bean that I have grown in my gardens in years past (ran out of space this year).

Gourmet donuts with cereal on top.

Gourmet donuts with cereal on top.

Nothing says gourmet donuts more than Fruit Loops or Cocoa Pebbles on top. I admire the humor in that. I probably would like the Cocoa Pebbles donut, but I was busy eating this donnut:

A long john donut with maple icing and 2 strips of bacon!

A long john donut with maple icing and 2 strips of bacon!

Now this is a donut. Two whole strips of bacon with maple icing. I can’t begin to tell you the deliciousness that burst forth in my mouth when I devoured this sucker.

Cicero Candied Bacon Cream Soda. Never seen this flavor anywhere else!

Cicero Candied Bacon Cream Soda. Never seen this flavor anywhere else!

Speaking of bacon, I found this Candided Bacon Cream Soda made by Cicero – a Chicago company. First time I have seen this flavor of soda pop. I have had one of their other flavors in the past, their Salted Caramel Root Beer, which is outstanding. I need to get my hands on their entire line someday.

Make your own packs of soda with a wide selection of glass bottled treats.

Make your own packs of soda with a wide selection of glass bottled treats.

Their selection of glass bottled soda pop is the best I have seen since I visited Jungle Jim’s in Cincinnati, Ohio. I love that you can make your own pack as well so you can try a variety of flavors and producers.

Henning's Two Tone Cheddar Cheese Curds

Henning’s Two Tone Cheddar Cheese Curds

The cheese department was a delight at Mariano’s as well. I saw at lot of great cheese there with some good sale prices – like $10 a pound for Parmigiano Reggiano. What I decided to grab for my lunch was a bag of Henning’s Two Tone Cheddar Cheese Curds. I love the easy snackablility that cheese curds provide. Plus it reminded me of my trip to Wisconsin back in January where I brought these curds and several others home with me.

Overall I was glad that I used some of my time in Chicago to visit a Mariano’s. I got some fun treats. Enjoyed looking at all the produce, cheese, and baked goods I saw. Some of the best sightseeing in Chicago is on a 2nd floor on Halsted street – a short walk from Chicago Union Station.


Best Produce to Buy at Trader Joe's

Trader Joes Sign Arb

Trader Joe’s has established for itself quite the following. People are attracted to their unique products and smaller scale stores. That have tons of unique and interesting items from their cookie butter to coconut oil in a spray can. One thing that I personally don’t think is all that and a bag of sriracha chips is the produce department. It is not a big draw, at least not for me. I prefer to shop places that have sales and more local produce. That doesn’t mean you should just avoid produce at TJ’s. While I won’t typically go to Trader Joe’s for produce specifically, there are things I might be there if I am already in the store. Below you will find my recommendations on items that are worth purchasing.

Trader Joe Bagged Apples

1. Bags of apples
They always have bagged apples for a decent price. You are better off buying them by the bag instead of individual apples. The single price of an apple is more pricey. Remember Trader’s doesn’t do things by the pound. You are paying a per apple price.

Trader Joe Bananas

2. Large sized Bananas
My strategy when choosing bananas at Trader Joe’s in the opposite of what I do everywhere else. Typically for my kids sake I choose bunches with smaller sized fingers (that is actually what they are called!). Since again no by the pound pricing, I pick the bunches with the largest bananas on them since I will be paying the same price no matter the size of the actual banana.

Trader Joe Salads

3. Bagged salads
They have a good selection of packaged salads. Their organic selections are actually Earthbound Farms. I have watched employees take the salads out of boxes that said Earthbound on them. It’s not uncommon for Earthbound to package their salads with store brand labels. The same is true at Whole Foods Market.

Trader Joe Avocados

4. Bagged avocados
My son loves avocadoes, which I am so happy about. They are so good for you and he will just eat them with a spoon. I usually will pick up a bag of avocodos when I am in the store. The price is pretty good – $2.99 for a bag of 4. Lot of places you have to pay at least $1 for one avocado and that sizes can vary quite a bit.

Trader Joe Potatoes

5. Bagged multi-colored or small potatoes
They are good at having bags of multi-colored or small potatoes in stock. I see them every time I got to the store. These are really good for quickly boiling or sauteing.

Thomcord Grapes

Thomcord Grapes – a cross between Thompson Seedless grapes and Concord grapes

6. Special Seasonal Items
There are some cases where they do have special seasonal produce items, that I will buy there. They were the first store I got Thomcord grapes from. These are seedless grapes that are a cross between a green Thompson seedless grape and a concord grape. They have that Concord flavor that you know in love from your Welch’s grape juice and jelly jar. No seeds to worry about like you do with regular Concords.

During citrus season I pick up their bags of Sky Valley Heirloom Navels. These are navel oranges grown the traditional way that put California on the map for citrus. They are super sweet and full of flavor you will never find in a standard Navel orange. I do buy their Cara Caras and Satsuma mandarins sometimes, but they can be hit or miss in terms of flavor.


Angelcots white apricots

A super sweet variety of apricots, called an Angelcot. I have made some amazing jam with these apricots.

Honey Fire Nectarines

Honey Fire Nectarines

Trader Joe’s sells nectarines and peaches in little cardboard crates. The nice thing about these crates for a foodie like me is that they list the variety that is inside. I once found some Honey Fire nectarines. Those were all kinds of amazing. Sweet with a rich nectarine taste. I recommend checking the boxes for this name whenever nectarines are in season. I saw this variety in June before.

Another piece of stone fruit to watch out for are the Rose apriums from Family Tree Farms. They come around in August. An aprium is a cross between an apricot and a plum, with a higher percentage of apricot. These are some of the sweetest fruit I have ever had. And so juicy. Can’t wear a nice shirt while eating these guys.

A Final Thought
One last thing to add is that I never buy berries at Trader Joe’s. Each week some other grocery store will have some type of berry on sale that will make it cheaper than Trader Joe’s. So I completely avoid them.


St. Patrick's Day Costco Guide

Sometimes as a food blogger comes along those posts that I just have to write. Inspiration strikes and I want to just share with the world. This is what happened on a recent Costco visit. All of the St. Patrick’s Day items got me excited. So Whether you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day or just great food, here some items available for this special day at Costco that you will want to check out (selection may vary per store).

The Meat

Meat Price
RJ Balson & Son Irish Bangers (2 lb) $7.48
Sy Ginsberg's Corned Beef $4.79/lb
Flat Cut Beef Brisket $7.49/lb

St. Patrick's Day Costco Guide
Probably the most commonly found corned beef for St. Patrick’s Day is Sy Ginsberg Corned Beef. While I prefer to make my own corned beef, if you are not going to do that, Sy’s is available for a good price of $4.79 per pound. That’s pretty good for beef.

St. Patrick's Day Costco Guide
Now if you want to make your own corned beef, this is what you need to buy. Brisket is what is used to make corned beef. It benefits from long, slow cooking. It does cost more than they already seasoned corned beef – making it a home is so satisfying and I think better tasting (see my post on How to Quickly Brine Corned Beef).

St. Patrick's Day Costco Guide
Corned beef isn’t your only meat option for St. Patrick’s Day. Irish Bangers are a great alternative. Costco sells RJ Balson & Son bangers, the best Irish style sausage I have had (see more about in my full review). Stock up and freeze then while they are available.

The Dairy

Dairy Price
The Little Milk Co Organic Cheddar (24oz) $10.99
Cahill Ballintuber with Garlic & Herb $9.99/lb
Wexford Irish Cheddar $4.99/lb
Kerrygold Irish Butter (24oz) $7.69
Kerrygold Dubliner $5.99/lb

When it comes to Irish dairy, nothing beats Kerrygold. While you can find their products year round, St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect reason to buy them all.

St. Patrick's Day Costco Guide

This is THE butter. Hard to eat any other butter after having Kerrygold butter. It is made from grass-fed cows. Cows fed on a grass diet produce better milk. The butter itself is more of a natural yellow color. It would not be St. Patrick’s Day without it.

St. Patrick's Day Costco Guide
A popular aged cheddar. It has an unique flavor with a hint of sweetness to it. While not being my favorite Kerrygold cheese (that would be eitehr their Blarney Castle or Skellig), it’s still a good cheese that would make an excellent addition to any cheese board. The price is right too ($5.99/lb).

St. Patrick's Day Costco Guide
Another chose for Irish cheddar is this one from Cahill’s Farm. It contains garlic and herbs and comes in a very festive green wax.

St. Patrick's Day Costco Guide

Want organic? Try this cheddar from The Little Milk Company (what a cute name!).

St. Patrick's Day Costco Guide
This mature Irish cheddar is sharp without being too harsh. Works good as a melting cheese – I made mac & cheese with it. A great bargain at $4.99 per pound.

The Pasta

St. Patrick's Day Costco Guide

What would St. Patrick’s Day be without shamrocks. Nuovo produces a special shamrock Ravioli for this time of year. The filing contains Irish cheese. A high quality Ravioli for a price that won’t break the bank. Check out my full review on it (includes a recipe).

Let me know if you see any of these products at your Costco and if you buy them I would love to hear your personal review. Leave a comment below.


Dried Fruit at Costco

One of the things I really wanted to try out when I got my Costco membership was their selection of dried fruit. The prices were pretty good, but I was curious whether the quality would reflect the cheap price or really be a great value.

Here is the selection I found at Costco during a January 2016 trip in Ann Arbor, Michigan (selection and prices may vary)

Dried Fruit Cost
Kirkland Dried Blueberries $7.69 for 20oz bag ($.385/oz)
Kirkland Dried Tart Cheries $7.99 for 20oz bag ($.40/oz)
Organic Apricots $13.99 for 48oz bag ($.291/oz)
Kirland Signature Sunsweet Dried Plums $8.89 for 58oz bag ($.159/oz)
Ocean Spray Craisins $8.79 for 64oz bag ($.137/oz)
Welch's Dried Honeycrisp Apples $9.99 for 30oz bag ($.333/oz)
Nature's Finest Dried Mangoes $12.99 FOR 30oz bag ($.433/oz)
Phililipine Natural Dried Mangoes $9.99 for 16oz bag ($.624/oz)
Organic Made in Nature Black Mission Figs $11.99 for 32oz bag ($.375/oz)
Organic Dried Cranberries $7.89 for 24oz bag ($.329/oz)

Examining these prices show that you can really save some money buying your dried fruit from Costco. Other places I have seen 4 or 5 oz bag of dried fruit going in the $4 to $5 range. As long as you are going to use it all up, then I say go for it. If not you are better off with the smaller bags or buying at a store that sells in bulk.

I am going go through and break down each thing Costco had to offer.

Kirkland Dried Blueberries

The Kirland dried blueberries were equally as good. Not as flavorful as the out of this world amazing Trader Joe’s Wild Dried Blueberries – definitely worth their money. Best price I have seen on dried blueberries.

Kirkland Dried Cherries

The Kirkland brand dried cherries are made from Montmorency cherries. They are a tart cherry variety grow widely here in Michigan, the number 1 tart cherry producing state. Tart cherries have more intense flavor than sweet cherries. These Kirkland brands are pretty flavorful too. Would buy them again.

Craisins Costco

These guys you can find elsewhere. The term Craisins has become the “Kleenex” of the dried cranberry world. Since they are so widely available check for sales at other stores, it’s possible with a sale, maybe a coupon you can save even more money elsewhere. I think there are pretty tasting dried cranberries (see below).

Dried Black Mission Figs

These are organic dried versions of Black Mission figs. In fresh form this is the fig you see the most, along with Brown Turkey. Black Mission has a better flavor I believe than Brown turkey, although I do prefer the green varieties overall for flavor. Since fresh figs have a short season and you can’t find them year around, dried ones give you a chance to have them and use them in recipes no matter what month the calendar says.

Made in Nature Apricots

Another option from Made in Nature, also organic. These apricots are Unsulfured, which means they don’t have added sulfure dioxide as a preservative. The fruit won’t appear bright orange like apricots that have been treated. They will be more dark brown in color. I like this better as you are avoiding preservatives that I have heard some people have any allergy to.

Nature Finest Dried Mango

These mangoes are listed as fat free. Why would I have to worry about fat in mangoes? Well a lot of dried fruit has oil added to it, to keep it from sticking. These mangoes are thus oil free.

Paradise Meadow Cranberries OG

I mentioned earlier than there were better tasting dried cranberries than the Craisins. Well this is them. They also have the advantage of being organic. You are going to pay a lot more money for these ones, over twice the price. Make the choice that is best for you.

Philppine Brand Mangoes

A second dried mango option. These are sulfate free and sugar free. You are getting just dried mangoes. These are the most expensive dried fruit at Costco.

Sunsweet Plums

Dried plums, also called prune, are made from a specific style of plum, the sugar or prune plum. They are usually purple on the outside, very sweet on the inside, and the shape of a football. Not my favorite plum in terms of actual taste, but it’s easy to make these into dried fruit without added sugar.

Welchs Dried Honeycrisp

Everyone’s favorite apple nowadays is the Honeycrisp. Well not my favorite, I know people really go for it. With apples available year round, I usually don’t buy much dried apples personally. However if you are a Honeycrisp fanatic you might want to try these, especially when Honeycrisp become unavailable or too expensive during the summer months.

Have you bought dried fruit from Costco? What did you buy and what did you think of it? Leave a comment below.


Sam's Club Ham Prices 2015

What do you normally serve for your Christmas dinner? I grew up with ham, each and every year. While I would prefer a beautiful roast “beast” as Dr. Seuss would say, I usually end sticking with ham. The main reason being that it’s cheap. Even the most pricey hams wouldn’t run you anywhere near the price of a good hunk of beef. That being said if you are in the market for a ham this year, let me share with you what your options are at your local Sam’s Club warehouse.

Sam's Club Ham Prices 2015

Sam's Club Ham Prices 2015

Ham Price
Daily Chef Boneless Spiral Ham $2.78/lb with $2 off coupon
This is a spiral sliced boneless ham from Sam's Club store brand – Daily Chef. There is a $2 off the entire ham coupon for your instant savings. This is a relatively small ham – good for a small get together. What I think is strange is that the ham is boneless yet still spiral sliced. Without a bone a ham is super easy to carve so there is no good reason for it to be pre-slcied.
Smithfield Smokehouse Reserve $2.38/lb
Another boneless offering in a much larger package. This ham is similar to the Kirkland Master Carve Ham that Costco sells. I like these hams because they offer a lot of meat and it's think shape makes it easy to store in the fridge and easy to carve at the table.
Smithfield Pit Ham $2.98/lb
This boneless offering from Smithfield is "water added ham" which mean it can contain up to 10% adder water. This is a pressed ham which means the meat was removed from the bone and then pressed into a log shape. I am not a fan of these types of ham – they don't feel natural. They often have to add back ground ham to fill in the gaps from the bone.
Smithfield Black Forest Ham $2.98/lb
Similar to the ham above but with a black forest flavoring. I love black forest ham for lunch meat but again not a fan of this style of ham.
Ridge Creek Spiral Ham in Nature Juices $1.88/lb
The only bone-in option I found – love using that bone afterward for soup. This ham is in natural juices which means there is added water but not as much as the real cheap hams you find at most big supermarket chains. It is hard to find hams that don't at least have some added water. This was the cheapest option at Sam's.

Sam's Club Ham Prices 2015

My Recommendation
If I was buying a ham from Sam’s Club, I would select the Smithfield Smokehouse Reserve. You get the benefits of a boneless ham but in a more natural way. It’s 100% usable meat. I would avoid the other boneless hams. The Ridge Creek Spiral Ham would be my second option as it cheap but bottom of the barrel cheap and you have the bone to use later for soups.


Costco Christmas Beef Roast Guide 2015

Christmas time is the greatest excuse there ever was to roast a big chunk of meat. It seems to be the meal of the year where price doesn’t matter as much as getting the best meal on the table. Still you may want to know how much it is going to cost you to bring your Christmas masterpiece to the table. I get the most questions on my blog asking about what Costco has available. I have done the research at my Costco in Ann Arbor, Michigan, so I present to you my guide to Costco’s Christmas Tenderloin and Beef Roasts for the year Two Thousand Fifteen.

Make sure to also check out my 2015 Christmas Ham Costco Guide as well

Whole Peeled Beef Tenderloin

Whole Peeled Beef Tenderloin

Meat Price
Choice Peeled Beef Tenderloin $19.99/lb
It doesn't get any more tender than this or more expensive. This tenderloin has already been peeled and trimmed for you so it's ready to go in the oven or be sliced up for Filet Mignon steaks. What has been peeled off is a layer called silver skin – it is anything but tender. It must be removed as it is not edible so at least with this cut you do not need to worry about that step.
Eye of Round Roast $4.99/lb
If you are on a tight budget you may want to consider an Eye of Round Roast. It is a lot cheaper than the other beef roasts. I am not going to tell you that it will be as good however if you cook it right it still can be a very enjoyable hunk of meat. I have a recipe I posted in first month my blog was online. Kind of embarassing to show this but the information is still useful – My recipe for Eye of Round Roast.
Choice Ribeye Roast Boneleess Checking with store on price
The same hunk of meat that Ribeye steaks – in my opinion the most flavorful steak. It would be easy to carve – it's boneless.
Choice Standing Rib Roast Checking with store on price
As far as I am concerned this is the crown jewel of Christmas roasts. If money is no object this is what I would choose to serve on Christmas day each and every year. Looking for a recipe – try Alton Brown's Dry Aged Standing Rib Roast
Eye of Round Roast

Eye of Round Roast

Other Cuts to Consider

Flat Cut Brisket

Flat Cut Brisket

Top Round Roast

Top Round Roast

What I shared with you so far is the more traditional Christmas beef roasts, but there are other beefy options to try. While I usually save brisket for St. Patrick’s Day, that doesn’t mean you can’t try it on Christmas. Flat Cut brisket is going for $6.99/lb. You can put it in your oven on Christmas morning, filling the house with a wonderful smell all the way to dinner time. Another low and slow option would be short ribs, currently priced at $7.99/lb. Top Round Roasts are going for $4.89/lb and are a similar cheap option as the eye of round (although I would choose the Eye of Round over the Top Round). If you are looking for a faster cooking beef, try Flank steak. Marinate for a couple hours and then place it under your oven’s broiler and in no time you will tasty beef, served sliced thin. Flank steak is going for $6.99/lb.

Flank Steak

Flank Steak

Short Ribs

Short Ribs

If you buy an beef for Christmas from Costco, I would love to hear some feedback. Leave a comment below, let me know if you paid the same price I mentioned and what you did with the cut. Thanks for reading.

If you are a Costco fan, subscribe to my weekly e-mail newsletter and you will be updated whenever I post a new Costco guide or review.


While you are at Costco, make sure to look out for these cheeses that are all under $5 per pound. Great for any holiday party.


Costco Turkey Thanksgiving Prices 2015

Here at Eat Like No One Else, we like to give you all the information you need on selecting your turkey for the big meal. I have found that a lot of people are curious what Costco offers in the way of birds. Most people probably don’t want to walk into a Costco just to see what the selection is like. That’s what I am here for. I just walked into Costco today, to get you the scoop on what they have available this year.

For this post I decided to answer all the questions I have been getting about Costco turkeys over the past couple weeks. Hopefully anything and everything you wanted to know is covered here. Happy Thanksgiving!

Costco Turkey Thanksgiving Prices 2015

Questions I have received about Costco turkeys

1. Does Costco sell turkeys?
Of course. Got a membership, you can get a turkey.

2. What are the prices of turkeys at Costco?
Butterball Fresh Turkeys for $.99/pound (same price as Sam’s Club) Update (12-12-2015) : same turkeys are available for Christmas
Foster Farms Organic Fresh Turkeys for $2.99/pound

3. Does Costco sell fresh turkeys?
Yes, the only turkeys I found on my trip to Costco were fresh – same as my experience last year.

Costco Turkey Thanksgiving Prices 2015

4. Does Costco sell Butterball turkeys?
Yes you can get a Butterball turkey that is fresh for 99 cents per pound. The packaging this year features that classic picture by Norman Rockwell. Butterball is encouraging you to share your Thanksgiving memories through a photo contest in which you could win a $1000 prepaid Visa giftcard (see details at Butterball’s website).

5. Does Costco sell brined turkeys?
The turkeys I found this year were no pre-brined at all. I prefer to brine it myself, using Alton Brown’s dry brine method.

6. How far in advance can you buy a fresh turkey at Costco?
Turkey are available now. I went there first on Tuesday, November 10th and they didn’t have any turkeys yet, but by Tuesday, November 17th they had them in stock. In future years you probably can get your turkey starting about 12 to 14 days before Thanksgiving.

7. Are Costco fresh turkeys frozen?
A fresh turkey, frozen? Any turkey that is called fresh can never been frozen. They don’t take frozen turkeys and just defrost them for you. If a fresh turkey still feels hard to the touch that is because for a turkey can be considered fresh even if it’s temperature is as low as 26 degrees. Turkey meat doesn’t freeze at the same temperature as water, so a 26 degree turkey is still not considered frozen.

8. Does Costco have Diestel turkeys this year?
I didn’t see any at my Costco this year. If you have seen one at your Costco let me know below in the comment section. (Learn more about Diestel turkeys)

9. Does Costco sell natural turkeys?
Natural is a word that is not defined by anyone expect whoever is using it. If you are wondering, the turkeys available at Costco are grown without the use of hormones and don’t contain any additional seasoning.

10. Does Costco sell heritage turkeys?
No, didn’t see any this year.

Costco Turkey Thanksgiving Prices 2015

11. Does Costco carry organic turkeys?
Yes from Foster Farms, going for $2.99/pound. These have been certified organic by the USDA. This also means that these turkeys are non-GMO as to be certified organic a turkey cannot be feed genetically modified feed.

12. What size turkeys does Costco have?
They have both “hen” turkeys that weight around 10 to 16 pounds (14 pound range is the most likely you will find) and “tom” turkeys which is anything over 16 pounds. 22 pound turkeys are around the biggest you’ll find.

13. Is there a shortage of turkeys at Costco this year?
There was concern that there would not be enough turkeys this year because of an outbreak of bird flu. I have seen no signs of that whatsoever. The only impact at the store that I have witness is the price of eggs skyrocketing.

Have you found any other types of turkeys at Costco this year? Share your experiences in the comment section below?

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Sam Club Turkey Thanksgiving Prices 2015

Are you considering Sam’s Club as the source for your Thanksgiving bird this year? I took my two girls and headed over there for some soft pretzels and some turkey research. I came home with what I hope is all the answers for your Sam’s Club turkey questions.

Questions I have received about Sam’s Club turkeys

Sam Club Turkey Thanksgiving Prices 2015

1. What are the prices of turkeys at Costco?
Butterball Fresh Turkeys for $.99/pound (same price as Costco)
Honeysuckle Smoked Whole Turkey for $2.38/pound
Butterball Deep Fried Turkey Breast for $5.28/pound

Sam Club Turkey Thanksgiving Prices 2015

2. Does Sam’s Club sell already fried turkeys?
You can buy a boneless Butterball turkey that has already been deep fried for $5.28/lb. It just needs to be reheated on Thanksgiving.

Sam Club Turkey Thanksgiving Prices 2015

3. Does Sam’s Club sell frozen or fresh turkeys?
The only turkeys I found in the store were fresh turkeys, so no. Has anyone seen a frozen turkey at their store?

Sam Club Turkey Thanksgiving Prices 2015

4. Does Sam’s Club sell smoked turkeys?
Yes. They do. A whole smoky one from Honeysuckle. I did not find a smoked turkey at their rival Costco.

5. Does Sam’s Club sell Honeysuckle turkeys?
Yes, but only ones that have already been smoked.
Have you found any other types of turkeys at Sam’s this year? Share your experiences in the comment section below?

6. Can You Freeze a Honeysuckle Smoked Turkey?
Smoked meat does last longer but it has already been cooked, but if you wanted to get more time out of it, then you certainly cook freeze it (see what the packaging says use by dates). They come vacuum sealed so would be easy to toss in the freezer. If you are saving leftovers in the freezer, wrap them in heavy duty foil and place them in a plastic zip top bag.

7. Does Sam’s Club have Organic Turkeys?
They didn’t have one this year. My local Costco did have them for $2.99/pound.

8. Does Sam’s Club sell pre-cooked turkeys?
Both the Butterball Deep Fried Turkey breast and the Honeysuckle Smoked are already cooked.

9. Does Sam’s Club sell turkey breast for roasting
They only had the already deep fried turkey breast. Check other stores in your area for turkey breast. Most other stores carry them including Walmart, Meijer, Whole Foods, Kroger, etc. Costco doesn’t have them either.

Sam Club Turkey Thanksgiving Prices 2015

Have you found any other types of turkeys at Costco this year? Share your experiences in the comment section below.

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Ohio Turkey Deals 2015

Welcome to the 2nd annual Eat Like No One Else guide to buying a turkey in the 17th state, Ohio. Last year I decided to expand my ever popular turkey deals list to the state just to the south of me. I was met with equal succes, so I am back at it again this year.

This list includes many of the store in Ohio but not necessarily every one. If you find one missing, leave a comment below and I will add it to the list.

Cheapest Turkey Price in the State of Ohio – Just as in my home state, Meijer is the champion of the cheapest turkey with their 52 cents per pound price on their Meijer brand frozen turkeys.

Whole Foods Market
Locations in Columbus,
Fresh Brined Turkey $2.99/lb
Fresh Boneless Turkey Breast $6.99/lb
Fresh Whole Heirloom Bronze Turkey Non-GMO Verified $3.69/lb
Fresh Bone-In Turkey Breast $4.99/lb
Whole Free Range Turkey $2.69/lb
Fresh Kosher Turkey $3.49/lb
Fresh Organic Turkey $3.99/lb

Various locations throughout the state.
For the 2nd year in a row Meijer is offering 50& off all frozen or fresh turkeys with an additional $20 purchase.

Here are some example prices with the 50% off:
Meijer Frozen Turkey $.52/lb
Meijer Fresh Turkey $1.49/lb

Lucky’s Market
Location in Columbus
Amish Country All-Natural Fresh Turkey $1.39/lb
Plainville Antibotic-Free Fresh Turkey $1.99/lb
Mary’s Organic Free Range Turkey (the ad says to contact them about this one)

Jungle Jim’s International Market
Locations in Fairfield and Cincinnati, OH
Amish Country Fresh Turkeys $1.99/lb
Frozen Grade A Turkey Breats $1.59/lb
Honeysuckle Frozen Whole Smoked Turkeys $2.59/lb
Butterball Frozen Turkeys $1.39/lb (no limit)

Walt Churchill’s Market
Locations in Maumee and Perrysburg, OH
You can pre-order Bowman Landes Fresh Whole Turkey or Turkey Breast. Contact the store for more details.

Giant Eagle
Various locations throughout Ohio
Giant Eagle says “We Won’t Be Beat”. They will match any competitor’s price on frozen whole turkeys.

Giant Eagle Frozen Turkeys USDA Grade A, All sizes $0.98 lb. With an additional $25 purchase, limit 2
Honeysuckle White Frozen Turkeys USDA Grade A, 18 lbs. and up $1.09 lb. with an additional $25 purchase.
Butterball Frozen Turkeys $1.59 lb.
Nature’s Basket Fresh or Frozen Turkeys $2.89/lb
Plainville Farms or Bells & Evan Fresh Turkey $2.99/lb
Giant Eagle Fresh Turkeys, USDA Grade A, All Sizes $1.69 lb.
Honeysuckle Whole Fresh Turkeys $1.89/lb
Butterball Fresh Turkeys $1.99/lb
Honeysuckle Frozen Turkey Breasts $1.99/lb
Giant Eagle Fresh Turkey Breasts $3.69/lb

The Andersons
Locations in Toledo, Maumee, Sylvania, and Columbus, OH
No prices advertised as of yet.

Acme Fresh Market
Various locations across Ohio
Acme Frozen Turkey $.59/lb, limit 1 with card
Honeysuckle White Frozen Turkey $.99/lb with card
Buckley Farms Bone-In Turkey Breast $1.89/lb with card
Butterball Frozen Turkey $1.59/lb with card

The Fresh Market
Locations in Cincinnati, Columbus, Shaker Heights, Toledo, West Chester
Check with store to pre-order your turkey.

Buehler’s Grocery
Various locations across Ohio
Honeysuckle White Frozen Turkey $.99/lb, limit 1 (additional turkeys will be $1.49/lb)
Honeysuckle White Fresh Turkey $1.99/lb
Honeysuckle Frozen Boneless Turkey Breast $13.99 for 3 pounds
Butterball Frozen Turkey $1.79/lb

Locations in the Cleveland Metro area
No prices listed online, contact store for pricing information
Planville Fresh Turkeys (antibiotic and hormone free)
Amish Country All-Natural Turkey (raised without antibiotic or added hormones)
Frozen Empire Kosher Turkey
Honeysuckle Frozen Turkey
Butterball Frozen Turkey

Various location across Ohio
Fresh Honeysuckle Turkey $1.49/lb
Kroger Frozen Turkey $.98/lb
Honeysuckle or Private selection Frozen Turkey $1.29/lb
Honeysuckle Turkey Breast $1.69/lb

Trader Joe’s
Locations in Cincinnati, Kettering, Woodmere, Westlake, Columbus, Dublin
Trader Joe’s All Natural, Brined, Fresh Young Turkeys (12-22 pound birds) for $1.99 per pound
Glatt Kosher, All Natural, Fresh Young Turkeys (12-16 pound birds) for $2.49 per pound.

Chief Market
Locations in Paulding, Wauseon, Delphos, Celina, Coldwater, Defiance, Bryan
Prices not available currently.

Earth Fare
Locations in Dayton, Akron, Cleveland, Columbus
Fresh Free Range Organic Turkey $4.29/lb
Natural, Hormone & antibiotic free fresh Turkey $2.69/lb
Bone-In Fresh Natural Turkey Breast $5.99/lb
Boneless Fresh Turkey Breast $6.99/lb

Dorothy Lane Market
Locations in Dayton and Springboro
DLM Fresh Free-Range Turkey $3.39/lb (price down 60 cents a pound from last year!)
DLM Fresh Free-Range Turkey Breast $6.19/lb
Heavenly Turkey Breasts $8.99/lb
Whole Herb Brined Turkey $4.29/lb

Marsh Stores
Locations in Southwest Ohio
Norbest, Jennie-O or Honeysuckle Frozen Turkey $.69/lb (limit 1, with additional $25 purchase)
Butterball All Natural Frozen Turkey $.89/lb (limit 1, with additional $25 purchase)


Michigan Turkey Deals Sales 2015

Welcome to the 6th annual Eat Like No One Else guide to buying turkeys here in the Wolverine state.

The grocery landscape in Michigan has changed a bit this year. Hiller’s is no more, now under the ownership of Kroger. Two new chain stores have entered the state ready to make a big impression – Lucky’s Market with a store in Ann Arbor, and Fresh Thyme Farmer’s Market with 4 locations in East Lansing, Northville, Troy, and Rochester Hills.

The current cheapest price in the state of Michigan – Meijer with their Meijer brand frozen turkey for 52 cents per pound. Every year Meijer has offered the cheapest price.

How Can Stores Make Turkeys So Cheap

There is a reason why you must make $20 purchases besides the turkey to get the deal. Meijer isn’t making any money off the turkeys, in fact I would bet they are losing money on the deal. But the price is so good it attracts people to the store and gets them to buy more while they are there.

The Turkeys I Recommend

If you just want the cheapest turkey money can buy then fill no shame about heading to Meijer and getting their store brand turkey. I have bought their turkeys before and have made a delicious meal with them. If you are looking for something a little bit, skip the big chain stores and visit one of the smaller chains or specialty stores. I would recommend checking out Lucky’s Market in Ann Arbor. They have 2 turkeys under $2 per pound (Amish Country All-Natural Fresh Turkey $1.39/lb and Plainville Antibotic-Free Fresh Turkey $1.99/lb). I think that is a nice setup in quality without going overboard with the cost. You can find organic and kosher options at Whole Foods Market.

Make sure when you are done reading the guide to check out some of these other Thanksgiving-related posts: What is a Self-Basted Turkey?, What is an Organic Turkey?,Essential Thanksgiving Kitchen Tools, Pop-Up Timers, Pumpkin Recipes.

Whole Foods Market
Two locations in Ann Arbor, as well as stores in Troy, Rochester Hills, Midtown Detroit and West Bloomfield.
Nature’s Rancher Fresh Turkey $2.49/lb
Organic Turkey $3.99/lb
Valerie’s Family Organic Brined Whole Turkey $2.49/lb
Kosher Valley Kosher Turkey $3.99/lb
Bone-in Turkey Breast $4.99/lb
Boneless Turkey Breast $6.99/lb
Organic Bone-In Turkey Breast $6.99/lb

Please note the Detroit store has these price differences
Nature’s Rancher Fresh Turkey $1.99/lb
Organic Turkey $2.99/lb

The Produce Station
Ann Arbor
Michigan-Raised Tom Otto’s Farm (Middleville, Michigan) White Broad-Breasted Fresh. Otto turkeys are hormone and antibiotic-free! Call (734) 663-7010 to place your order.

Various locations throughout the state. Prices may be slightly different in each store, check your store to be sure.
For the 2nd year in a row Meijer is offering 50& off all frozen or fresh turkeys with an additional $20 purchase.

Here are some example prices with the 50% off:
Meijer Frozen Turkey $.52/lb
Meijer Fresh Turkey $1.49/lb

Sam’s Club & Costo
Prices coming Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Arbor Farms
Ann Arbor
1) Michigan Fresh Turkey, Pasture-raised | $4.29/lb.
From the Circle B Turkey Farm in the northwestern Michigan community of Mancelona, where Jim Biehl and family have been raising turkeys for over 50 years. The birds are allowed to graze the pasture during daylight hours; as night falls they are chased back into the brooder barns for safety. The turkeys have ample room to run and exercise, dine on bugs and grasshoppers, and roost under beautiful shade trees as nature intended. Their forage diet is supplemented with a non-GMO, all-vegetarian feed. No growth hormones, antibiotics or animal by-products are used in the feed. Artificial fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides are never used on the farm. Our Michigan turkeys are grazing on bugs and grasses and roaming freely, giving them an unmatched texture and flavor. Order early, we will sell out!

2) Peacock Fresh Amish Country Turkey | $2.99/lb.
This is the same quality turkey that we’ve been enjoying for over 25 years: natural (no preservatives or additives), minimally-processed without growth hormones, and fresh from farms in the Midwest.

3) Mary’s Organic Turkey | $4.99/lb.
Certified USDA organic and fed a vegetarian-based diet of organic grains. Growth hormones, antibiotics or animal by-products are never used. Humanely-raised “free-range” on a certified organic farm in California

Trader Joe’s
Ann Arbor, Northville, Farmington Hills, Royal Oak, Rochester Hills, Grand Rapids, and Gross Pointe
Trader Joe’s All Natural, Brined, Fresh Young Turkeys (12-22 pound birds) for $1.99 per pound
Glatt Kosher, All Natural, Fresh Young Turkeys (12-16 pound birds) for $2.49 per pound.

Country Market
Jackson, Chelsea, Brooklyn, Adrian, and Dexter
Butterball Frozen Turkey $1.59/pound
Honeysuckle White Frozen Turkey $1.49/pound

Vince & Joe’s Gourmet Market
Clinton Township and Shelby Township
They are taking orders for turkeys, call the store to order – Clinton Township (586) 263-7870 and Shelby Township (586) 786-9230

Ann Arbor, Saline, Clinton, Tecumseh, Dexter, Pinckney, South Lyon, Plymouth/Northville, Carleton, Livonia, Novi, Farmington Hills, West Bloomfield, and Rochester Hills.
Northern Pride Frozen Turkey 59¢ Per Pound (with an additional $35 Purchase. Limit 1)
Timber Valley Fresh Amish Turkeys $1.89/pound (starting November 18th)
Weekend Only Sale on Frozen Butterball or Honeysuckle turkeys for $.99/lb

Locations in Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Norton Shores, Muskegon Heights, Newaygo, N. Muskegon, and Whitehall.
Spartan brand Frozen Turkeys for $.99/lb with additional $25 purchase

Giada’s Cranberry-Orange Glazed Turkey

Giada’s Cranberry-Orange Glazed Turkey

Various locations throughout the state. Prices may be slightly different in each store, check your store to be sure.
The former Hiller stores that Kroger took over may have a different selection. I will update you when I have checked my local one.
Kroger Frozen Turkey $.59/lb, down $.20/lb from last year (Limit 1 with additional $10 purchase)

Fresh Thyme Farmers Market
Locations in East Lansing, Troy, Rochester Hills, and Northville
Call store to order your turkey.

Lucky’s Market
Ann Arbor
Amish Country All-Natural Fresh Turkey $1.39/lb
Plainville Antibotic-Free Fresh Turkey $1.99/lb
Mary’s Organic Free Range Turkey $3.49/lb

Tom’s Food Market, Family Fare, and Olesons
Locations in Northern Michigan.
Half off Spartan brand turkeys

Joe’s Produce
Amish Country Turkey $2.49/lb
Amish Country Turkey Breast $2.99/lb
Bell & Evans Turkey $3.69/lb
Plainville Turkey $3.69/lb
Otto’s Turkey $4.49/lb

Holiday Market
Royal Oak
Free Range Grade A All Natural Fresh Turkey $2.69/lb

Holiday Market
Frozen Honeysuckle Turkey Breast $1.99/lb

Village Market
Elk Rapids, Central Lake, and Rapid City
Spartan Frozen Turkey (8 to 15.99 lb) $10 off
Spartan Frozen Turkey (16 lb and up) $17 off

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