Food For Our Brood- Purple Popcorn

Our Brood’s Food For Today: Little Guy is basically eating everything with the family with only a few exceptions. He seems to have outgrown his wheat issues! That’s a BIG woohoo! from me 🙂 Breakfast: Oatmeal with sliced strawberries, milk Snack: Grapes, raspberry herbal tea (very diluted, their request), purple popcorn Lunch: Napa cabage and […]

Food For Our Brood – Chocolate Shamrock Cookies with Mint Buttercream

We’re getting ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, and of course we had to make some cookies. Grace And Faithy love using sprinkles (they call them sparkles) whenever they can. We decided to make some shamrock shaped chocolate cookies with some green mint frosting sprinkles.I took the girls to our favorite cake decorating store Bakers […]

Food For Our Brood- Hiding Ground Turkey In Soup

Phew- I kind of fell off the wagon last week, but I’m back on! Today the kids ate: Breakfast: Grace and Faithy- Three Sisters Sweet Wheat cereal, milk Little Guy- Banana spears and puffed brown rice Lunch: Grace and Faithy- Ground turkey soup (see recipe below), sliced strawberries, sliced baby gouda cheese Little Guy- Quinoa […]

Food For Our Brood – Getting Your Kids To Love Kale!

Today our Brood had: Breakfast: Faithy and Grace- Scrambled eggs, tortillas, milk, clementines Little Man- Grated apples, oatmeal, bottle Lunch: Faithy and Grace- Kale pesto on whole wheat bowties. They both love this meal! More about this below. Little Man- banana spears, whole o’s, whole milk yogurt with probiotics Dinner: Faithy and Grace- Yellow and […]