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Today is an exciting day in Eat Like No One Else history. It is the release date for my first ever e-book entitled “Fruits of Their Labor”. The first issue features the behind the scenes stories about Cotton Candy grapes, Ojai Pixie Tangerines, Saskatoon berries, and Dick’s Pretty Good Garlic.

Here is an example page:

Cotton Candy Grape Preview Page

The book costs only $5. Check out the official sales page or you can buy the book directly on this page using the link below.

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If you plan on starting anything from seed this year in your garden, the book “Gardener to Gardener Seed-Starting Primer and Almanac” is the resource book that will make your life easier. It helped me in learning how to grow seeds indoors (hopefully I will be successful!). The book goes month by month to provide you will useful tips. Each month has a to-do list. Each list is broken down by zone, so you will know what to do based on where you live.

This book will teach you everything from taking care of those pesky weeds to creating a successful pepper harvest. This is a great resource that you can turn turn throughout the year. The book does a good job of answering questions about common problems that arise during the year. It also includes comments from gardeners around the country, offer their best tips. I highly recommend you pick up this book.


Did you know that are actually different varieites of garlic? You wouldn’t know this going to the grocery store. But you would if you picked up a copy of Ted Jordan Meredith’s “The Complete Book of Garlic”. It contains the answer to all the garlic question you had and the ones you didn’t know you had. I picked this book out at my library in order to learn how to grow garlic. I found all the information I needed and am excited to see what the results will be come next summer (for more info read my post on “How to Grow Garlic“). The book also includes information on the benefits of eating garlic, the history of garlic, and a plethora of beautiful photgraphes. I recommdend just borrowing this book of your just interested in learing to grow garlic, but if you are a real garlic enthuist then it’s the book to have. “The Complete Book of Garlic” is exactly what it says it is – complete!


If you are having trouble deciding how to set up your garden, then I recommend reading this book. “Great Garden Companions” by Sally Jean Cunningham provides information on how to pair plants together for the best growing results. For each vegetable it lists what you should grow nearby to bring benefits to your veggies. One example I tried out was the Three Sisters garden, which involves planting corn surrounded by pole beans which can climb the corn and at the bottom a member of the squash family. All three of these work together to help each other as well as safe space. Unfortnately for me, the animals got to my plants before I could yield any results (but that’s another post!). This book not only tells us what vegetables work together, but what flowers you can plant near your vegetables in order to bring in beneficial insects and keep out the bad ones. In the process you can make your garden look pretty too! I will be reaching for this book again early next spring when I begin planning for next year’s garden.


As someone who is only in his 2nd year of gardening, I found “Grow Vegetables” by Alan Buckingham to be a great resource. It lists a wide variety of vegetables with great pictures and all the basic information you would want to grow something for the first time. Everything I grew this past season was included in this book. This book helped answer questions throughout the season, from when to plant to when to harvest. The book also discusses different places to grow your vegetables. I mainly focused on just the vegetables themselves since I didn’t have much choice this season of where I grew my vegetables, but I am sure that information would be helpful as well.

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I'm Eric. I live in Ann Arbor, MI with my wife, 3 kids, and a flock of ducks. I love grocery shopping, trying new fruits, farmer's market, and traveling.

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