Cheese Review: Mahon Spanish Cow’s Milk

(Last Updated On: December 28, 2010)

Mahon Cheese
Type: Cow’s Milk from Spain
Price: $11.99
Strength: Slightly Sharp
Purchased At: Whole Foods Market (in Ann Arbor, MI)
Would Buy Again: Not Likely

There are so many ways to waste your money at a grocery store. One of the biggest mistakes people make is not paying attention to the price per pound of items. Here is an example of this through my experience looking for lunch at Whole Foods Market. I wanted some cheese to go with my lunch, so I had some options. I could have purchased a larger block of something and take most of it home, but I really didn’t want to spend that much money. The next option would be the purchase a single serving of cheese. Most grocery stores sell string cheese in singles. Whole Foods does, along with singles of Black Diamond Cheddar. While it may not seem like much to fork over 79 cents for one of these cheeses you have to realize how much you are really paying. 79 cents for a 1 oz cheese equals to being $12.64 a pound! That is an awful price to pay for some crappy mozzarella. So instead I went for a better cheese at a cheaper price. Whole Foods sells cheese bites, which are is cheese cut small, so you can take home a little before deciding on a larger purchase. I found a little chunk of Mahon cheese that costed me 36 cents. This cheese is $11.99 per pound, which is expensive to a person on a tight budget however it’s still cheaper than the string cheese per pound and I spend 43 cents less overall, and was satisfied.

So you might be wondering about the cheese itself. Mahon cheese is considered the cheddar of Spain, although the only thing these cheees have in common is that they are made with cow’s milk and the texture itself is cheddar-like. It is grown on the island of Menorca. It is the 2nd most popular cheese in Spain, just behind Manchego.

The cheese has a creamy texture with a bit of a bite, but too much for someone who normally prefers mild cheeses. I do not know how long my particularly sample was aged. The orange colored rind can be eaten. It was an enjoyable cheese, but I would only buy it again if I was looking for a little snack. I can find cheese much cheaper by the pound that I like better than this one.