Cinnamon Ice Cream

(Last Updated On: November 11, 2009)

Who doesn’t love a nice scoop of vanilla ice cream with their pie or cobbler? Well I found something that is even better – homemade cinnamon ice cream. First off, it tastes good and second, why spice goes better with a pie than cinnamon. I found a recipe for cinnamon ice cream in the book “The Perfect Scoop” by David Lebovitz. This is a custard based ice cream, so it contains eggs. To learn how to make custard-based ice cream see my earlier post on this topic.


1 cup whole milk

3/4 cup sugar

Pinch of salt

Ten 3-inch cinnamon sticks, broken up

2 cups heavy cream

5 large egg yolks


You can read my post on how to make custard based ice cream, but you will need to make the following changes. You will need to take the milk, sugar, salt, and cinnamon sticks and 1 cup of the heavy cream and place them in a pot and heat the mixture just until it feels warm to the touch. Allow the mixture an hour to sit at room temperature, then re-warm the mixture. Then strain it to remove any large chunks of cinnamon. Then add the rest of the heavy cream (1 cup). Then you can proceed with following the instructions on my how-to post (you will not need to add sugar and salt to the eggs since it’s already in the dairy mixture).

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