Claire Robinson’s Brussels Sprout Gratin

Brussels Sprouts Gratin
(Last Updated On: November 2, 2017)

Brussels Sprouts Gratin

I have created a list of Thanksgiving recipes I want to try out, on that list was a recipe for Brussels Sprouts gratin by Claire Robinson. It was featured on the Food Network show, 5 Ingredient Fix. The point of that show is to get maximum flavor out of just 5 ingredients. The 5 ingredients in this recipe are: Brussels Sprouts, milk, butter, flour, and Gruyere. I had never actually tried Gruyere surprisingly. This recipe gave me the excuse to try it. I was very pleased, definitely will buy it again. Below you will find my notes from this recipe. Check out Food Network’s website to print the recipe.

1. It starts by boiling the Brussels Sprouts. Keep your eye on them, you just want them to be bright green and just starting to soften. The reason why people hate Brussels Sprouts is that they have had olive colored overcooked slimy ones that smell up the entire kitchen. I can’t stress enough to be careful not to overcook them. Claire instructs us to put them in an ice bath to stop the cooking, definitely do that.

2. The sauce is really a basic Besamel sauce, the same base I would use to make homemade mac & cheese. It’s a rich sauce.

3. One thing I would have done differently is actually raise the temperature to promote more browning. I didn’t want the Brussels to get too soft. 425 or 450 might be a better temp. The sprouts are already cooked, it’s more about melting the cheese.

4. I did notice some liquid in the bottom of the dish. I was concerned about the bottom ones being too soggy. It didn’t end up ruining the dish but it is a mark against it. The sprouts took on water when they were boiled. I think next time I would just saute them or roast them first before adding in the dairy.

5. The overall dish was pretty rich, so you don’t need to eat a ton, and that’s not a strike against this recipe.

In the end there are a couple things I would change about the recipe to make it better. I glad I got to try Gruyere. I think that cheese was a good choice for this dish. Nice to change it up from the usual cheddar or Parmesan.