Cyber Monday Deals 2012 – Frigidaire Small Kitchen Appliances

(Last Updated On: November 26, 2012)

It’s that time of year again where people return from a long weekend from work not to actually return to working but to get online and spend, spend, spend. It’s Cyber Monday, the “busiest internet shopping day” of the year or so we are told (it probably really isn’t). There are some deals to be had and I found somethings that will help you to cook like no one else. This first post will be looking at Frigidaire small appliances. I will only list items I would consider buying myself.

Frigidaire Professional 7-Quart Programmable Slow Cooker | 25% Off!

Why Buy This: This slow cooker has a 7-quart capacity, so gives you a lot of space. It’s stainless steel which will look nice in your kitchen, especially if you are going to keep it on the counter top. It also has nice handles on the sides that will make it easy to take it to a potluck or holiday gathering.

Frigidaire Professional 4-Slice Wide Slots Toaster | 30% Off

Why Buy This: Another stainless steel beauty that will go well with your other stainless steel appliances. It has 4 slots, so if you make a lot of toast in the morning that would be helpful. It has a timer that tells you when your toast is done, so if you are really inpatient you can know when your toast will be done down to the second. It has a removable crumb tray, which I think is a must have for effective clean up.

Frigidaire Professional Immersion Hand Blender/Mixer | 40% Off

Why Buy This: The two-in-one concept often sounds good but never seems to deliver. However I think in this case, this concept would work. This is a immersion blender that has an attachment so that you can use it as hand mixer. Being able to control the speed is a must for me with an immersion blender and this one does have those settings. It also comes with a piece to help you mount it in your kitchen for easy storage.