Cyber Monday Deals – Taylor Wireless Remote Digital Thermometer

(Last Updated On: November 28, 2010)

CyberMonday I love probe thermometers. They are a great way to know the progress of your meat as it cooks in the oven, without having to open up the oven door. The people at Taylor have taken this idea to another level. They have a digital thermometer that comes with a wireless remote that tells you what temperature your meat is from up to 200 feet away. Most probe thermometers beep when they reach a certain preset temperature. But if you want to check progress you have to walk out to the oven and look at what the temperature is. If this really bugs you, then you might want try this remote thermometer. You can currently find it on sale at Amazon as part of their Cyber Monday deals. It is going for $23.72 brand new, which is 21% off the original price.

I did read some negative reviews about this product. I wonder if these people took careful care of their probes. Here are some tips to proper probe care

1. Never leave your probe submerged in water, just wipe it off with a wet sponge.
2. Be careful when removing the probe.
3. Also do not leave the probe just sitting in the oven. Long exposure to hot temperature can ruin the probe. It is meant to be measuring the temperature of food, not of your oven.

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