Do Killer Bees Make Honey?

(Last Updated On: February 24, 2018)

The words “killer bees” brings fear to the hearts of many. We see them in movies and TV shows all over some poor innocent victim. One picture we may not have in our head is them doing what we love most about bees – the honey they make.

Are Killer Bees Really That Bad?

Killer bees or Africanized honey bees are actually great honey producers. Some beekeepers even prefer them. But they are killers, aren’t they? Well as usual Hollywood and the media has over hyped the killer aspect of these bees – I know whoever would ever believe that.

The sting of the killer isn’t any more threatening than the European honey bee we all know and love. In fact killer bees are smaller than European bees, so they carry less venom. However they are more aggressive than regular honey bees. When you disturb a hive of European bees, a small minority of the hive comes after you. When you disturb a hive of Africanized bees, nearly the entire hive will come after you. And they will keep coming. They can chase you for long distances, which is why it’s so hard to escape them as you are getting stung along the way.

Very few people are killed by them each year. When someone does die, the media reports on it, so it seems worse than it is.

Why Would a Beekeeper Work with Killer Bees?

This aggressiveness works to the advantage of the beekeeper. The bees are hardy pollinators.

The beekeeper needs to take precautions. I have heard stories of beekeepers you bring someone with them, they sit in a vehicle nearby. They keep the truck running just in case the bees begin to swarm, so thy can make a rapid escape.

Once Again Killer Bee Honey

The first Killer Bee Honey I tried is produced for Once Again. This honey is part of their Dawes Hill line. Once Again Killer Bee honey is organic, raw, and fair trade certified. It is collected by beekeepers in the Amazon. The honey is dar in color and has a rich taste. A wonderful honey for the honey lover and something to start a conversation around the dinner table – hey your eating KILLER BEE honey!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Killer Bees Make Homney?

Either people are having trouble with spell check again or they believe that killer bees might be becoming corn farmers (and they still can’t spell – it’s hominy). Bees don’t even pollinate corn. It’s wind pollinated.

Do Killer Bees Make Good Honey?

No. They can make great honey. Once Again’s Killer Bee honey is well, killer. Just as your European Honey Bee, the honey that killer bees produce all depends on the source of their nectar to whether it will be a good honey or not. All of the Killer Bee honey I have come across has been on the dark side, which could just be the fact that the regions killer bees are have lots of nectar sources that produce a dark honey. You don’t see killer bees pollinating all the clover (a light honey) in the plains states and Midwest.

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