Eagle Egg Pluot

When it comes to naming a new variety of fruit, the best names have to go to the pluot – that cross between a plum and an apricot that shows more plum characteristics. Take the name Eagle Egg. What a fun name! This is the latest pluot that I have been able to try from Family Tree Farms. If you are not familiar with this grower you need to be. They produce some of the most flavorful stone fruit I have tasted, including the Peach Pie Donut Peach. Family Tree Farms pride itself on growing fruit for flavor – whenever I see a piece of their fruit, I don’t hesitate to give it a try.

Eagle Egg Pluot

The Eagle Egg Pluot
This pluot is dark red in color as get’s darker, almost black as it ripens further. Mature specimens are have a sort of oblong shape that comes to a round point at the end further from the stem. The inside almost matches the color of the outside, just a few shades lighter. They are available in mid June to mid July. I have seen them sold loose at Whole Foods Market and H Mart (an Asian supermarket chain). I also spotted them in the past in a clamshell case sold at Walmart. When purchasing Look for pluots free of soft spots. Hold on in the plam of your hand – it show feel heavy for it’s size – that means you got a juicy one!

My Experience with this Pluot (Rating Scale 1-10)

Aspect Score
Texture 7
Tartness 4
Flavor 7
Sweetness 8
Juiciness 9
Where I Bought Them H Mart (Troy MI)

Final Thoughts
A really juicy piece of fruit is the Eagle Egg. I had plenty of juice running all over the plate I was cutting on (and of course I slurped it up when I was done). Family Tree Farms say this pluot has a “jam-like flavor” and I totally agree with that. It is mostly sweet with enough hint of tartness in the skin to give the fruit some balance. An excellent piece of fruit that is worth seeking out when it is in season (which again is from mid June to mid July). The kids will just love the name!


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