What to Expect from Grapery in 2017

(Last Updated On: July 22, 2017)

I would say we are coming upon a grape time of year. It’s that time when everyone’s favorite grape growers (at least they need to be everyone’s favorite) the Grapery begins their harvest season. I got the latest and greatest news on what the season will look like this year directly from the horse’s mouth. There has been a trade of emails between Eat Like No One Else and Grapery co-CEO Jim Beagle this week. The harvest has begun. Very light in the beginning but grapes are on their way soon.

Drumroll please….

Here what to expect for the 2017 Grapery grape season (with some lame sayings for your amusement or to get your eyes to roll)

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Sweet Celebration Grapes
These red seedless grapes are called Sweet Celebration. They are in Grapery’s Flavor Promise lineup. One of the best, most crisp red grape you will find.

Flavor Promise Grapes

Let’s start off with what’s new. This year Grapery is excited to be offering the Sweet Globe grape as a part of their Flavor Promise line. Flavor Promise grapes come with a promise of great flavor. They are not particularly unique in flavor or shape, they are just, simply put, great tasting grapes. Sweet Globe is the first green grape to enter into this lineup. It is large in size like you expect from a globe grape however this one is seedless. You get the large crunchy grape you want without the seeds. Sweet Globe grapes “will rock your world” 🙂

Grapery Sweet Globe green seedless grapes
New this year, the Sweet Globe grape. Here is a photo of them growing on the vine from http://www.grapery.biz

Sweet Globe grapes will be available in limited quantities around September 15 to October 15.

Cotton Candy Grapes with Bag
The grape that has gotten the most attention is the Cotton Candy. It tastes just like your favorite carnival treat. I still enjoy watching people try these for the 1st time.

Cotton Candy

The hottest thing in the produce department is no doubt Cotton Candy grapes. Reports* say that because of Cotton Candy grapes several carnivals have gone out of business. People all year around are asking about them. This year’s crop is expected to be about the same size as last year. They will be ready to go around August 10th and will last until around September 20th.

*No actual reports have been cited. I just assumed.

Good news for the future – Grapery has planted another vineyard of Cotton Candy grapes. This will provide a boost in the amount of grapes available when it’s ready to start producing in 2019.

Gum Drops
My favorite of all the Grapery varieties. Yes I love these even more than Cotton Candy!

Gum Drops

Out of all of their grapes, these are my favorite type. Gum Drops taste like their namesake. So rich and sweet and good. You’ll want to drop a lot of money on these grapes. I wish I had some right now. But like everyone else I have to wait until around September 1st to get some. They are still very limited in supply. Last year was the first year I saw them in any store. Supplies will dry up at the end of September.

More good news in the future we will be able to get them early. Grapey planted an early variety Gum Drop grape in a new vineyard that will be ready in 2019.

Unlike Cotton Candy, the Gum Drops grapes are going to be different varieties under the Gum Drops label. CEO Jim Beagle described them like this

We have lots of experimental varieties with a ‘Gum Drop’ flavor, so I often compare it to Skittles, where you have different flavors of Skittles but they still all taste like Skittles.

You may notice subtle difference in size, shape, and firmness of the grapes. They will mostly be different shades of reddish/purplish. Grapery will be adding more to the Gum Drops lineup as time goes on. The future is bright!

Formerly known as Witch Fingers, Tear Drops are definitely a conversation starter. I can’t get over how great the texture of these grapes are.

Tear Drops

Tear Drops grapes were originally called Witch Fingers. They are very unique in shape as they look like a tear drop or a pointy finger. I love the skin on these grapes. They have a bite unlike any other grape I have had. You will be crying tears of joy when you bite into these.

There is a small increase in their supply this season. Tear Drops are still considered having a very limited availability. Availability begins around the end of July making Tear Drops one of Grapery’s earliest ripening varieties.

Moon Drops Grapes
These black grapes are as dark as the far side of the moon and just as out of this world.

Moon Drops

I love these grapes to the moon and back. Moon Drops are a elongated black grape with a dimple at the end. Their texture is mighty fine.

The news this year is that Grapery is expecting a big increase in Moon Drops this season. I had no trouble finding them last year so expect the same to be said about this year.

New Developments

Grapery is always working on testing out new grape varieties. The innovation continues. Grapery simply “can’t stop, won’t stop”.  And it’s always about flavor. Jim says that Grapery has a new green seedless Muscat type of grape that shows promise. Muscat grapes have a unique, floral flavor that I think is the cat’s meow.

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    Chief Operating Officer- Cafe S.O.U.L.
    Janne’t Brown

  2. Eric Samuelson says:

    The Grapery does a phenomenal job. I have visited their place twice and you can really tell how much care they put into producing flavorful grapes and doing it the right way.

  3. Love your grapes!! Can’t wait to see them in our stores in FL. 🌴☀️

  4. Doreen Church says:

    I get so excited to see these grapes at Sprouts. I love all the ones I’ve tried. Cotton candy, moon drops, and witches fingers aka tear drops. I haven’t seen the gum drops here in Colorado Springs. But I cannot wait to try them.

  5. Eric Samuelson says:

    The Gum Drops are still pretty limited in availability compared to Cotton Candy and Moon Drops. So they are harder to find. Start looking for them in September. Last year, I found them at my local Whole Foods Markets. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

  6. Ok, I live in GA and I called a few stores today looking for Cotton Candy grapes. Including Sprouts , Sam’s and Publix, none of them have these in stock….or they aren’t even familiar with them. Sprouts said they’re out of season now. Is that true, st least for my region?

  7. Eric Samuelson says:

    Grapery is just in the early stages of harvesting Cotton Candy grapes this year, so they haven’t reached stores yet. A lot of workers at stores are confused and think the season is over because there was a larger crop of Cotton Candy grapes grown in Mexico that are ripe in the early summer. That season ended so a lot of people think the season is over. Keep checking your stores, they will be in soon.

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