Farm Country Raw Milk Cheddar Cheese

(Last Updated On: June 7, 2011)

Type: Cheddar
Price: $5.99/a bar
Strength: Medium
Purchased At: Busch’s (Saline, MI)
Would Buy Again: Yes

A lot of grocery stores like to promote products made in the state the store resides in. People get excited about eating or drinking something that was made nearby. I think a lot of it has to go with supporting your state’s economy. And another part of it is state pride! One certain Michigan made product made it’s way into my grocery cart on a recent shopping trip to Busch’s – Farm Country Cheese House’s Raw Milk Cheddar. Their cheese comes in a long block, perfect for slicing into the perfect cracker size slices.

I am a fan of raw milk cheddar. For all about raw milk cheese, check out this earlier post. Not only was this cheddar made from milk that wasn’t pasteurized, this milk is also collected from the cows of Amish farmers. They make sure that each cow is hand milked, never given any antibiotics, and eats a grass diet. The result is a delicious cheddar that packs a lot of flavor. As for the sharpness of this cheese, I say it falls somewhere in the middle, it’s not too mild, not too sharp either, a great snacking cheddar.

For more about Farm Country cheeses, you can visit their website. They are located in Lakeview, Michigan just 50 miles to the northeast of Grand Rapids.