Flavor Rich Peaches – Southern Peaches Make Their Debut

(Last Updated On: May 14, 2012)

We are about smack dab in the middle of May. This is the time of year the peaches from the south (mainly Georgia and South Carolina) begin to make their apperance in grocery stores. One of the earliest ripening varieties is called Flavor Rich. It is typically the first commerical variety shipped from the south. A lot of people can’t believe that this is a peach. It is almost all red, has a pointy end, and the fuzz factor is pretty low for a peach. But don’t let this fool you, Flavor Rich is indeed a peach.

The particular peaches I got were grown by J.W. Yonce & Sons under their Big Smile label. They have been growing peaches for over 70 years in Edgefield County, South Carolina, also known as the “Ridge”.

These peaches are clingstone peaches so the flesh sticks to the pit. I found that most of them also had split pits, this means that the pit has split in half like in the picture above.

My Experience with this Peach (Rating Scale 1-10)
Acidity: 7
Peach Flavor: 6
Sweetness: 7
Juiciness: 9

Overall Feeling: This is probably the most sweet and juicy of early peaches I have had to date. My wife enjoyed hers without the need for additional sweeteners. Not the most flavorful, but not bad at all. When I bought the peaches they were pretty hard still but after softening up in a paper bag for a few days they developed that mouth watering peach smell.

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