Food For Our Brood – Getting Your Kids To Love Kale!

(Last Updated On: February 8, 2013)

Today our Brood had:

Faithy and Grace- Scrambled eggs, tortillas, milk, clementines
Little Man- Grated apples, oatmeal, bottle

Faithy and Grace- Kale pesto on whole wheat bowties. They both love this meal! More about this below.
Little Man- banana spears, whole o’s, whole milk yogurt with probiotics

Faithy and Grace- Yellow and Green Split Pea Soup with Ham (made from the ham bone from last week), salad, strawberries, milk
Little Man- 2 tamales (he loves these things!) shredded jack cheese, diced strawberries

Getting Your Kids To Eat Kale–It’s Easy!

I’ve always enjoyed a good pesto. It’s colorful and full of flavor. Unfortunately my kids aren’t the biggest fan of the traditional basil pesto. We came across a recipe for pesto made with kale and decided to give it a try, and it was a huge hit! The recipe can be found here on This is a very inexpensive meal that packs a great nutritional punch.

Some of the health benefits of Kale:
High in Iron, Vitamin K, A, and C
High in calcium
Filled with antioxidants
Contains Omega-3 fatty acids
—You really can’t go wrong here!

In our house, we call this meal “Grinchy Pasta” because my kids LOVE the Grinch. The bright green color of the pasta is fun and exciting for them. I think one of the main reasons they love this pesto more than the traditional basil pesto is it’s mild flavor. It doesn’t have that stringent punch that basil has. They gobble this stuff down, and it puts a smile on my face!

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  1. Christy Schenher says:

    This look so good! What a cool idea! I may have to try it with an extra bunch of kale I have. If you haven’t tried them yet, kale chips are surprisingly addictive too.

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