Food Network Thanksgiving Show Guide 2012

(Last Updated On: November 18, 2012)

One of my favorite part of the Thanksgiving season is all the Thanksgiving shows on Food Network leading up to the big day. I love trying out new recipes from different Food Network personalities. It’s a great way to learn new techniques and flavor combinations that you can then become creative with. Last year I tried out a Shaved Brussels Sprouts from the Neeleys. I like the idea of chopping up the sprouts in a food processor. I have used this technique and tried out other flavors since.

Below you will find a list of shows airing on Food Network before Thanksgiving. I will review a selection of them myself so keep checking back for updates.

Guy’s Big Bite: “Thanksgiving”  | Saturday, November 10th @ 7am | Click here for recipes
Thanksgiving classics with a twist are prepared including Birthday Pork Roast, Red Devil Cranberries, Three Cheese Red Bell Pepper Ravioli, Whiskey-Glazed Sweet Potatoes.

Paula’s Best Dishes: “Thanksgiving Party” | Saturday, November 10th @ 10am | Click here for the recipes
Paula treats a group of deserving young men to a Thanksgiving meal that includes: a turkey-and-sweet potato shepherd’s pie, a harvest salad with a sweet-Dijon vinaigrette, and a cranberry upside-down cake.

Trisha’s Southern Kitchen: “A Yearwood Thanksgiving”| Saturday, November 10th @ 11am | Click here for the recipes
Trisha hosts Thanksgiving. The meal includes a roasted turkey, cranberry-orange relish, cornbread dressing, and a sweet-potato souffle.

Giada at Home: “Thanksgiving Sides” | Saturday, November 10th @ 11:30am & Monday, November 12th @ 3pm
Side dishes for Thanksgiving are prepared. Recipes include: baked-mashed potatoes with peas, Parmesan cheese and bread crumbs, sweet and savory root vegetable stuffing with apples and dried cranberries, and persimmon-pumpkin pie. She also makes a turkey cookie centerpiece that the kids will love.

Paula’s Best Dishes: “Turkey Time”| Sunday, November 11th @ 7am
The host’s cousin, Johnnie Gabriel, helps prepare Thanksgiving recipes including: roasted turkey with maple-apple cider, apple-cranberry stuffing, mashed potatoes with parsnips and rutabagas, and pumpkin pie.

Paula’s Home Cooking: “Southern Thanksgiving Leftovers”| Sunday, November 11th @ 7:30am
Dishes are prepared from Thanksgiving leftovers.

Rachael Ray’s Week in a Day: “Thanksgiving Before and After”| Sunday, November 11th @ 9am | Click here for the recipes
Dishes to be enjoyed before and after Thanksgiving include barbecue-turkey gumbo, bacon and brussels sprouts-mac and cheese, and egg noodles with turkey, fennel and onions. I will be giving at least one of these recipes a try (like my facebook page to find when I post my review)

Sandwich King: “Thanksgiving Sandwiches”| Sunday, November 11th @ 11am | Click here for the recipes
Jeff transforms Thanksgiving leftovers into sandwiches. Included: stuffing used as bread, and a turkey hero is made with cranberry barbecue sauce. Also, Jeff’s spin on his mom’s mashed potatoes. I want to try using the stuffing as bread recipe once I have my leftovers ready (like my facebook page to find when I post my review)

BF’s Barbecue Addiction| Monday, November 12th @ 9:30am
Bobby Flay grills a Thanksgiving feast. On the menu: Cajun brined turkey, grilled Idaho potatoes with crabmeat and green onion dressing, grilled crawfish, eggplant casserole with red pepper pesto and Cajun breadcrumbs.

Alex’s Day Off: “An Early Thanksgiving”| Monday, November 12th @10:30am
Turkey with spicy sausage stuffing, sugar-cranberry with homemade crust, stove-top green bean casserole with fried shallots.

Giada at Home: “Thanksgiving”| Monday, November 12th @ 3:30pm | Click here for the recipes
Giada switches it up, preparing pork chops for Thanksgiving. Recipes include: Butternut Squash Soup with Fontina Cheese Crostini
Honey-Mustard Pork Roast with Bacon, and Chocolate, Chestnut and Orange Trifle

Barefoot Contessa: “Thanksgiving Pot Luck”| Monday, November 12th @4:00pm
A Thanksgiving feast, featuring turkey roulade, homemade gravy, roasted vegetables, cranberry conserve, and gingerbread cupcakes with orange frosting.

Barefoot Contessa: “Thanksgiving”| Monday, November 12th @4:30pm
A Thanksgiving meal. Featured: Cornish hens, corn-bread stuffing, celery root puree, Italian broccoli.

Down Home With the Neelys|Tuesday, November 13, @ 10:00am
The Neelys celebrate Thanksgiving with recipes for stuffed turkey breast with sweet Italian sausage stuffing, white cheddar mashed potatoes, shaved brussels sprouts with bacon and walnuts, and pumpkin cupcakes with maple cream cheese frosting.

Cooking for Real: “Game Changing:| Tuesday, November 13th @10:30am
Turkey with quick pan gravy is made, along with cherry-lemon relish and parsnip puree.

30-Minute Meals: “Gobble It Up”| Tuesday, November 13th @2:30pm
Thanksgiving dinner with an Italian twist, featuring turkey ragu with polenta and dark greens with cranberries.

Barefoot Contessa: “Thanksgiving 2.0”| Tuesday, November 13th @4:00pm
Thanksgiving dishes are prepared, including truffle butter turkey, sausage stuffed mushrooms, roasted brussels sprouts, and turkey hash browns.

Barefoot Contessa: “Thanksgiving Countdown”| Tuesday, November 13th @4:30pm
Herb roasted turkey breast, served with sausage and herb stuffing, homemade gravy and celery root and apple puree.

Throwdown With Bobby Flay: “Pumpkin Pie”| Wednesday, November 14th @ 9:30am
A pumpkin pie bake-off against Michelle Albano, owner of Michelle’s Pies in Norwalk, Conn.

5 Ingredient Fix: “Thanksgiving” Wednesday, November 14th @ 10:00am
How to prepare Thanksgiving dinner. Included: a two-day timeline, a shopping list, tips for choosing a turkey.

30-Minute Meals: “Keep On Giving” |Thursday, November 15th @ 2:30pm
On the Menu: turkey pot pie topped with cranberry-orange corn muffins, honey mustard dressed greens with apples and pears.

Big Daddy’s House: “Gobbling Good” | Friday, November 16th @ 9:30am
On the menu: mini quiche with Thanksgiving stuffing, sweet and savory turkey paninis, roasted corn and brussels sprouts succotash, and spiked apple cider cocktails.

Good Eats: “Fry Turkey Fry”| Friday, November 16th @ 11:00am
A look at deep-fried turkey. Included: how to get the best flavor and texture when deep frying the bird.

30-Minute Meals: “Thanks Me Later” | Friday, November 16th @ 2:30pm
Included: turkey cutlets with gravy, raw stuffing salad, walnut ice cream with maple cream berries.

Barefoot Contessa: “Turkey–Not Just For Thanksgiving” | Friday, November 16th @ 4:30pm
Herbed butter roast turkey, paresan popovers, vegetable tian and creme brule.

The Best Thing I Ever Made: “Easy as Pie” | Saturday, November 17th @ 8:00am
Alton Brown, Anne Burrell, Scott Conant and Sam Choy share their favorite pie recipes. Included: shepherd’s pie, grape-caramel pie (click here for Alton Brown’s recipe), Turkish borek, and cream pie.

Giada At Home: “Thanksgiving Favorites”| Saturday, November 17th @ 11:30am
Cranberry-orange glazed turkey served with roasted root vegetable salad and pumpkin and goat cheese risotto.

Deen Brothers Thanksgiving| Saturday, November 17th @ 12:00pm
Bobby and Jaime Deen cook Thanksgiving dinner for the entire family, including proud mother Paula.

Alton’s Countdown to T-Day| Saturday, November 17th @ 1:00pm | Check out my episode review
Alton makes a stress free turkey day but starting the planning 4 days ahead of time. In this Good Eats special he makes: Bourbon Pecan Pie, Butterflied, Dry Brined Roasted Turkey with Roasted Root Vegetable Panzanella, Turkey Giblet Gravy, and Whipped Potatoes

Guy’s Bite Bite | Sunday, November 18th @ 10:30am
Turkey Cordon Bleu is made, along with twice-baked sweet potatoes and green-bean casserole with homemade mushroom gravy

Fresh Food Fast | Sunday, November 18th @ 10:30am (Cooking Channel)
Honey-lemon-thyme roasted Cornish game hens, pan-roasted Brussels Sprouts with pancetta, cheddar and green onion spoon bread, and butternut squash cobbler

Good Eats “Romancing the Bird” | Sunday, November 18th @ 11am
Alton Brown’s classic episode where he finds a way to reverse the “dry turkey curse” that has plagues his family for years. Includes the instructions on how to make the Good Eats Roast Turkey, the most commented upon recipe in Food Network website history.

Thanksgiving Live | Sunday, November 18th @ 12:00pm (replayed at 6pm), Monday, November 19th @ 4pm, Wednesday, November 21st @ 10am
Thanksgiving related questions and deilemmas posed by viewers as well as offer tips, hints, and recipes to make the holiday meal a success.