Forget the Cuties, Get Me Some Dimples (Gold Nugget Mandarins)

(Last Updated On: April 5, 2012)

Clever marketing has led to the rise of mandarins in our grocery stores over the last decade. Particularly the Cutie brand Clementines. What a great way to attract kids and their parents with a happy, cute looking mandarin. But I say forget the Cuties, I want some Dimples. Cecelia Citrus is about to release their gold nugget mandarins for this year. They have been waiting for them to reach the peak of flavor. In what I think was a great marketing move, they are going to sell these mandarins under the label “Dimples”. Another big smiling cute looking mandarin will be featured on the packaging. But their cute piece of fruit has dimples, what is cuter than dimples? The reason behind this name is that the gold nugget variety has dimples on it’s skin.

The reason why I am way more excited about peeling into these mandarins (which is super simple to do by the way) than the Clementines whether they are called Cuties or not, is because they simply taste better. Gold nuggets have a rich orange flavor balanced out with the right amount of tartness. I like my mandarins to taste like more than just sugar water. I am also excited about Dimples because every piece of citrus I have purchased grown by Cecelia has been top quality from their Heirloom Navals to their Cara Caras.

Dimples are expected to be packed and shipped next week (week of April 8th). So be watching for them in your local grocery store. and buy in mass quantities! For more info on Dimples, become a fan of their facebook page.

Here are some pictures from this year’s harvest (thanks Keith Wilson, Cecelia Packing)

2 Replies to “Forget the Cuties, Get Me Some Dimples (Gold Nugget Mandarins)”

  1. I have been getting the organic Gold Nugget mandarins from Plum Market, on sale for 1.69 lb – they are so delicious!

  2. I have seen those too. They were from Ripe To You, another citrus producer that grows quality fruit.

    Plum Market has amazing citrus, best in Ann Arbor!

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