Fresh vs. Frozen Veggies

(Last Updated On: November 18, 2009)

When it comes to vegetables our grocery stores give us several ways to give them: fresh, frozen, or canned. I am going to drop canned from the discussion immediately, because I don’t think canned vegetables taste that good and they are typically packed with salt. So now the debate is between fresh and frozen. Fresh vegetables are going to be the best tasting option when they are in season, which will also be the time they are lowest in price. For example, let’s look at green beans. When they are in season you can often get them for 99 cents a pound and under. Now if at the same time you look at the frozen green beans you might see a 16 ounce bag selling for $2. In this case, the frozen costs twice as much, as why buy them? You can also freeze your fresh ones if you need them to last for a while. But what if the green beans are not in season. The last time I was at the store I saw green beans selling for $1.69 a pound and they weren’t of very good quality. At this point I would reach for the frozen bag even thought it’s still more money, I am not going to end up taking home a bag that half the beans are about to rot. Quality has to come into the conversation, and obviously only the fresh beans vary in quality throughout the year.

Another thing to look at when it comes to frozen vegetables is ones that come in a steamer bag, ready to put right in the microwave. I stir clear of all of these products. Why? Because if you look at the bag you are getting less vegetables for your money. Plus if you don’t cook them all at once you are wasting your time buying veggies in a steamer bag. Vegetables are very easy to steam without the microwave bag. So take the time and do the steaming yourself and save yourself some dough.