Galaxy Donut Peaches

(Last Updated On: January 9, 2018)

Galaxy Donut Peach Donut peaches are one of the strangest looking peach varieties around. There are several different types of donut peaches. Today we will be looking at the Galaxy donut peach. I purchased some this past weekend from Alexander’s Farm Market in Whitmore Lake, Michigan. They got their donut peaches from the west side of the state. This is the first Michigan grown donut peaches I have had. You don’t find many farms growing them here. This variety has really only been produced on a wide scale in California.

The Galaxy peach is a white flesh peach. White flesh peaches typically are less acidic than their yellow flesh counterparts. The peach is a relativity new variety. It was discovered in 1994, and first offered to growers in 2003. It’s heavier than other donut peaches – it said to weigh 50 percent more than a Saturn Donut peach.

My Experience with this Peach (Rating Scale 1-10)
Acidity: 3
Peach Flavor: 4
Sweetness: 8
Juiciness: 8

Overall Feeling: These are probably the best donut peaches I have ever had. This is also is the freshest donut peach I have ever had – as they were picked in my own state. The peach was very low on acidity and didn’t have a real strong peachy flavor, but it made up for that in sweetness and juiciness. The pit was very easy to remove. I would purchase this variety again.

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2 Replies to “Galaxy Donut Peaches”

  1. Donut Peaches

    I will be in South Haven MI, Aug 6-12.
    Can you tell me where I can purchase the donut peaches?

    I love these donuts, and the farmers market in Illinois have not rec’d them yet.


  2. Eric Samuelson says:

    I don’t know of an specific sources in that area for donut peaches. I will keep a look out. I have found them in markets here near Ann Arbor before, but I don’t know their specific source.

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