Gimbal’s Honey Lovers Jelly Beans

(Last Updated On: May 25, 2017)

Gimbals Honey Lovers This is going to be a first for the site today. I have never talked about a bag of candy before. Normally because store bought candy does not fall under the category of “Eat Like No One Else”. However when I was on vacation this winter, I bought some candy that wasn’t like anything I have seen before, qualifying it as Eat Like No One Else material. If you are going to buy some jelly beans, I highly recommend the Honey Lovers made by Gimbal’s. These jelly beans are actually made with honey and are in the shape of a heart. You can taste the honey in every bite. It gives an extra level of flavor other beans don’t have. Purchasing these jelly beans actually benefits the makers of the honey as 5% of sales go to the “Honey Bee Research Program” at the University of California – Davis.

I purchased the 38 oz resealable tub. It contains these 16 flavors, most of which I really enjoy minus buttered honey popcorn and coconut honey:
Golden Honey
Meyer Lemon Honey
Tangy Orange Honey
Cinnamon Honey
Buttered Honey Popcorn
Peaches and Honey
Black Cherry Honey
Honey Mocha Toffee
Coconut Honey
Honey Raspberry
Honey Vanilla
Orchard Pear ‘n Honey
Blueberry Honey
Pomegranate Honey
Huckleberry Honey
Honey Dipped Strawberry

3 Replies to “Gimbal’s Honey Lovers Jelly Beans”

  1. Found your delicious Honey Lovers candy today at BI Mart on the Oreagon Coast. I am truly enjoying them. Just wanted to say how yummie they are!

  2. robin norman says:

    Hi! I have been looking everywhere for those honey jelly beans..Do you know how I can find them?? Please, if u know, I have gotta know lol..

  3. Eric Samuelson says:

    I haven’t really seen them in a while. I would contact them on the company directly on their facebook page –

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