Girlan Pink Birch Beer

(Last Updated On: June 24, 2011)

Ah Birch beer, root beer’s almost forgotten cousin. The best way to describe birch beer is that it tastes like wintergreen in carbonated form. The only birch beers I have had before were both made by Boylan (their traditional birch beer and creamy red). So I was interested in giving another company’s birch brew a try. This one is made by the company Real Soda in Real Bottles.

Right off the bat it’s easy to see that this is a unique birch beer. First off it’s pink. The label on it has a picture of a birch tree, not too strange to have on a birch beer, but underneath that tree it says: “Brings out the little flower in you – Mama Cornaiano’s Jersey Girl recipe”. I never had a drink that claimed to bring out the flower in me. So this birch beer has ties to New Jersey, just like Boylan birch beers as Boylan is a New Jersey company. I guess birch beer is a Jersey thing!

So what does a pink birch beer taste like? The answer is bubble gum. Now normally a bubble gum flavor doesn’t rank that high with me. All bubble gum flavored things tend to be super sweet, and this drink is on the sweet side, but you know what I loved it! With the wintergreen birch beer flavor in the background, it gives this drink a nice depth of flavor. The carbonation is light, but works well. This drink may not be for everyone, I have read some negative reviews on it, but for me it was a unique taste experience that I would enjoy over and over again.

Where to Buy
Old 52 General Store You can purchase Girlan Pink Birch Beer online from the Old 52 General Store. They carry over 300 varieties of glass bottled soda. Their physical store is located in Sabin, Minnesota.