Grandpa’s Gourmet Honey

(Last Updated On: February 7, 2018)

Grandpa Gourmet 5 Honey

When I was first getting into varietal honey, I was introduced to this business from Colorado. Look at the beauty of the honeys above. Not to mention the charming label.

Who is Grandpa’s Gourmet Honey

It’s beekeeper, Brent Edelen is a sixth generation beekeeper! After college and a short office career, Brent felt the need to head outdoors and continue the family tradition. Grandpa’s Gourmet is not just about producing any old honey. They pride themselves on gathering raw varietal honeys in areas across New Mexico and Colorado.

Tamarisk Honey

Rare Honey

Some of these are rare honeys that you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else. One example is their Tamarisk Honey. It is named after the tree it comes, the Tamarisk honey, also called the Salt Cedar. This tree is a great source of nectar for bees, however it’s also a source of pain for the New Mexico government. They are trying to eliminate the tree as it is invasive and uses quite a bit of water. Last thing you want in a dry climate, is having a water sucking tree. But for now as long as the trees are there, Grandpa’s will be producing this dark, not for the weak of heart honey. If the trees do go away, they have the option of moving the operation to the Tamarisk trees in Texas.

Grandpa Clover Honey

Other Varieties of Honey

Grandpa’s also produces 4 other varieites of honey: Clover Honey, White Honey (which is honey that is crystallized to produce a spreadable honey), “Seasonal” Desert Wild Flower Honey, and “Seasonal” Chamiso Honey (comes from Rabbit Brush, a bush that grows throughout the southwest).

Grandpa’s clover honey is what clover honey should be. Really good quality, mild honey that everyone will love. Beats anything I ever had at the store labelled clover honey.

Where to Buy Grandpa’s Gourmet Honey

You can purchase Grandpa’s Gourmet Honey online from their website. Or you can visit them at the farmer’s markets in Denver. They will be participating in Colorado Fresh Markets farmer’s markets at Cherry Creek (May 7 – Oct 29, 8am-1pm) and City Park Esplanade (May 16 – Oct 31, 9am-1pm). They also sell wholesale, so if you work at grocery stores, specialty food stores, cheese shops, online food purveyors, or any other gourmet food vendors, including distributors, you can contact Grant Grigorian at or by calling 720-470-1469.

3 Replies to “Grandpa’s Gourmet Honey”

  1. Barb Ramsey says:

    Grandpa’s Seasonal Chamiso Honey is a real treat. It tastes like the air feels and smells in the early morning over the southwest landscape – gentle and warm – not a flowery sweet, but rather clean and fresh. Nice.

  2. Thanks Eric, Just wantedt to let you know we will have two new exciting honey’s this fall. Western Oak (aka honey dew) and Huajillo (wa-hee-O) an acacia from Texas.
    Great blog.
    Brent Edelen

  3. Eric Samuelson says:

    That’s really exciting news! What are these honeys like?

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