Green Dragon Apples from Frieda’s

(Last Updated On: October 27, 2013)

Green Dragon Apples

Anyone that know me, knows how I excited I get to try a new piece of fruit. I am searching them out all the time. Sometimes when searching for new produce to try, a name can attract my attention. When I saw the Green Dragon apple on Frieda’s Specialty Produce website, I was intrigued. At least it’s a great name. You also don’t see a ton of green apples not named Granny Smith on the market. When some arrived at my front door I couldn’t wait for that first bite.

Green Dragon originated in Japan. It’s a cross between an Orin or an Indo apple (I read both online, not sure which it is really is) and a Golden Delicious. It’s an heirloom variety that Frieda’s is trying to get the word out about. It’s green with small brown spots. To avoid people thinking these spots mean the fruit is bad, Frieda’s has started putting stickers on the apples that say “Freckled Skin”. They are a later season apple, being made available in October and November.

My Experience with this Apple (Rating Scale 1-10)

Aspect Score
Crispiness 8
Tartness 1
Apple Flavor 7
Sweetness 8
Juiciness 8

Overall Feeling: People think that green apples must be tart, like it’s some universal law. If they ever bit into a Green Dragon their story would change in a hurry. This apple is anything but tart. Hard to find any tartness in it. It’s a pure sweet as they get. If you like tartness in your apples, your not going to like this one. But if you are a sweet apple fan, fan of the modern day sweet favorites like Galas or Fujis then you are in for a treat with this apple. It has a better, more complex flavor than those popular apples. To me it has hints of tropical and pear flavors. The apple has that pear like sweetness. Juicy and refreshing. Green Dragon are best enjoyed right out of hand. Not enough tartness for me to want to cook with.

Look for Green Dragon apples wherever you find Frieda’s products. Ask your store’s produce manager about availability. The crop is said to be bigger this year but they are still in short supply, so don’t hesitate.

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