Grocery Stores Remove Pink Slime in Fresh Ground Beef; Is Frozen Beef Pink Slime Free?

(Last Updated On: March 26, 2012)

The pink slime issue continues to rage on. In case you have been outside of the loop, check out my post on What Pink Slime Is. The public’s outcry against the beef filler, called lean finely textured beef has lead several grocery stores to discontinue using it. Here is a list of the latest stores that yesterday announced they will not be using it:

1. Safeway
2. SUPERVALU which includes these stores:
Cub Foods
Farm Fresh
Shaw’s/Star Market
Shop ‘n Save
Shoppers Food & Pharmacy
3. Food Lion

What About Frozen Beef Products?
All the pink slime talk has centered around freshly ground beef. Stores were adding pink slime to the beef they were grinding themselves. But what about frozen beef from pre-formed beef patties to TV dinner containing beef. Are these things pink slime free as well? Do NOT make the assumption that just because a grocery store announces they are not selling pink slime, you still need to confirm that includes all frozen beef products in the store, because they may just be referring to fresh ground beef. I personally do not buy frozen beef products so this isn’t a concern for me, but for anyone that does, this a question you might want to bring up. I would go directly to the source that makes that frozen product. E-mail them, write on their facebook page asking if they use pink slime or lean finely textured beef. I am going to start a list below. If you find out any information, please share it in the comment section below.

Frozen Beef Products Confirmed Not to Contain Pink Slime
BUBBA Burgers – according to their website, “BUBBA burgers® are made from 100% U.S.D.A. Whole Muscle Chuck. BUBBA burgers® contain NO fillers or trimmings. The only additives are the REAL sweet onions for the Sweet Onion BUBBA burger® and the REAL jalapeños for the Jalapeño BUBBA burger®”.

Grind Beef Yourself

Want to know for sure you aren’t getting pink slime – grind the meat yourself. You can get a hand powered meat grinder or if you have a KitchenAid Stand Mixer you can buy an meat grinder attachment.

It’s important to know what is really in your food. Don’t take it for granted. And when in doubt, grind it yourself or with the help of your neighborhood butcher.

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  2. Tracie Becker says:

    Thank you Eric, your blogs have been very helpful. I am spreading the word concerning pink slime to my family and friends. God Bless you and your family:-)
    Tracie and Jimmy

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  4. Thank you for the information! Pink slime is apparently okay for public schools, so we still need to rail on our schools about the use of pink slime. My daughter is home-schooled, so I don’t have to worry about her being fed sub-par foods at a public school, however, I do care about others’ children as well, and they deserve to be fed *real* beef, not “beef+ammonium hydroxide=ground beef”. That is not right!

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