Growing Corn – Peaches & Cream Sprouting

(Last Updated On: July 2, 2010)

Corn June 19 (2)

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One week after I planted my peaches & cream corn, the seeds began to sprout. At this time you need to keep a close eye on the plants. I have heard people say that birds like to fly down and chew on your young corn plants, although I have never had that problem myself. If you are concerned about critters, you can place some netting over your corn plants until they are taller and more established. Also at this time I have weeds trying to grow back along aside my corn. I am pulling those up being careful not to disturb the corn. I am also looking for plants that are too close together. In the picture below, in the middle of the picture, you can see two corn plants coming up right next to each other, so one of them is going to have to go.

Corn June 19