Growing Packman Broccoli – 6 Weeks After Transplant

(Last Updated On: July 13, 2010)

Packman 6 Weeks 1

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Six weeks after transplanting my packman broccoli, the first signs of the broccoli head forming have appeared. In the above picture notice the small leaves in the very center. You can see that the florets are beginning to form behind those leaves. The first time I grew broccoli I wondered how it would grow into broccoli. When you look at the plant to start it doesn’t seem like it could become broccoli. But once you reach this point, the satisfaction kicks in that you know that you have done every necessary and now it’s just waiting for the head to get large enough to pick.

Packman 6 Weeks 2I also wanted to point out that the bottom leaves of my plants have turned yellow. This is completely normal. It happened to me last year as well. As long as the rest of the leaves are healthy, then this is no big deal. As time goes on I expect the next set of bottom leaves to do the same.