Growing Packman Broccoli – Central Head Forming

(Last Updated On: June 8, 2011)

When you are growing broccoli it is easy to look at the plant and wonder how does broccoli come from this? This is why it is exciting to watch the head forming. I recently saw the first heads forming on some of my Packman broccoli plants (click on the picture to enlarge to see the head better). This means that I am probably 2-3 weeks from harvesting my first broccoli of the season.

How to Know then the Broccoli is Ready to Harvest?
This can be a tricky question to answer. You can harvest it at any time there is a head, but your goal should be to get the biggest head possible. The only trouble comes is if you wait too long the head will start to flower and you will end up with some bitter broccoli. So you need to know what to watch for. If at any point you notice any parts of the florets beginning to grow higher than any parts, then you need to cut off the head immediately, it won’t grow any bigger at this point.

Are you growing Packman broccoli this year? I would love to hear your experience. Leave a comment below.

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