Growing Vegetables – Broccoli

(Last Updated On: October 5, 2009)

Last year was the first year I ever attempted any kind of gardening. So I had a great deal to learn.  I decided that I want to try to grow some broccoli, among some other things. So I went to a nursery and picked out some broccoli. This was near the end of June. The problem is that broccoli is a cold crop. I didn’t know there was cold crops (crops to be planted in the spring, even before the final frost) and warm crops (crops to be planted after the final frost in the late spring/early summer). So that was my first problem. The second problem I encounter was bugs who ate my leaves down to nothing. So after this setback, I decided to try for a fall crop of broccoli. Unfortunately this time my garden got flooded during a big rain storm and it took out all of my young broccoli plants.

This year, I planted some broccoli in my community garden plot. I made the mistake of planting the seeds too close together, so I only ended up with two plants. Week after week went by with no sign of this plant ever producing a head of broccoli. But after care and consistent watering, the head finally came up and eventually we got to enjoy homegrown broccoli. The cool thing about broccoli is that once the center head is cut, nice growth occurs from the sides, so we have some side shoots to look forward to. It took about 1 ½-2 weeks for the growth to begin in our case (this has been a mild Michigan summer).

A big part of gardening is making mistakes and then learning from them. After making the mistakes we made it was satisfying to finally produce a harvest. The goal for next year is to have more plants by having a larger area to grow the crop.