Gum Drops Grapes

(Last Updated On: September 11, 2015)

Gum Drops

The saying about Grapery should be to expect the unexpected. I have had enough of their varieties by now that just about anything is possible. And I know every time I encounter a new variety from them that I am going to love it. They have a perfect track record with me so far. One of their varieties that I have been waiting to try ever since I knew they existed (found that out during my Grapery tour in March) were the Gum Drops grapes. I love gum drops especially the ones they sell at Whole Foods. Grapery taste tested this grape and people felt it was even better than Cotton Candy grapes. That just really got me excited. Thanks to my relationship with Grapery that moment came yesterday morning as they send me a clamshell package of Gum Drops for me to taste test and fill out a survey for them – a food blogger perk!

Gum Drops

The label on the packaging of Gum Drops grapes says – “Enjoy a gummylicious flavor every time you bite into our new Gum Drop grapes. These tasty luscious jewels are naturally raised and then picked when they reach the peak of flavor”. That description is right in every sense. These grapes do immediately remind me of Gum Drops without the sugar crystals on the outside. They have a really fruit finish to them. The flavor can compete with Cotton Candy. I kind of want to stop writing right now and go buy some more Cotton Candy grapes so I can eat them together. Normally only Homer Simpson could would eat those kinds of sweets together (like when he made a giant ball of deep-fried, caramel-covered, cotton candy) but now anyone can enjoy the flavors of these sweet treats and not gain 50 pounds or make themselves sick!

Gum Drops

The grapes are black seedless grapes with undertones of red in the color. They are a smaller black grapes when compared to the other black grapes I have had from Grapery, which all have been large sizes. A lot of flavor is packed into a small package!

Gum Drops

The availability of these grapes is very limited right now. If you can find them they are available in the month of September. This is the first year they have are being packaged as Gum Drops. They were in their Flavor Pops line last season – which is their experimental varieties that have not been named yet. So in a way they graduated this year. It is going to take some time for production to ramp up. Vines need to mature to produce more fruit. They will be slightly easier to find next season. In 2017, their availability will be closer to that of Moon Drops this year, but still not on the level Cotton Candy is right now. If you don’t get to try them this year, keep looking out in future Septembers. Trust me they will be worth the wait! I am very thankful to the people at Grapery for sharing them with me this year when they are so limited.

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  1. Did I get a bad batch? The grapes I bought had little, to no taste to them at all. They’re sister grapes, cotton candy far exceed the taste of gum drop and moon drops.

  2. Pardon my grammar.

  3. Eric Samuelson says:

    When did you buy them? They have been out of season for a while.

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