Harvesting Corn – Peaches & Cream at 9 Weeks

(Last Updated On: August 26, 2010)

Peaches & Cream 8-12-10

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Due to the hot and muggy weather this summer, my corn was ready to harvest 9 weeks after I planted it. I originally estimated my corn would be ready on Tuesday, September 5th, but I picked my first ear on Thursday, August 12th. The ears did not get as big as others I have seen, but the corn is fully developed inside. The signs of corn being ready, is that the silk turns brown, and when you push on a kernel with your finger, a watery white substance comes out. If it’s more chunky, than it’s too early, if it’s clear then you waited too long.

Not all my corn was ready at the same time. Some plants grew quicker than others, so I just have to keep checking for ears to pick. I think I will be harvesting for a couple weeks.

Peaches & Cream 8-12-10 (2)