Harvesting Packman Broccoli – 9 Weeks After Transplant

(Last Updated On: July 22, 2010)

Packman Broccoli 7-3-10 Nine weeks after I planted my packman broccoli, it was ready for harvest. The tricky thing with growing broccoli during the summer is that it can quickly bolt or flower with hot temperatures. I decided that even though the head on this particularly plant could possibly grow bigger I should cut it off now as the days following when this picture was taken was forecast to be in the 90s for highs. I say you are better off cutting it early, than waiting too long and ending up with bitter broccoli. Keep in mind that once you cut the center head of the packman variety it will grow side shoots, so there is more broccoli to come.

My estimated first harvest was sometime between Sunday, June 27th to Wednesday, July 7th. I harvested on July 3rd, so right in the middle of where I expected to be.

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Packman Broccoli Harvested