Harvesting Side Shoots – Packman Broccoli 11 Weeks After Transplant

(Last Updated On: July 23, 2010)

Packman Broccoli 7-22-10

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Yesterday, I harvested some side shoots from several of my broccoli plants. The determining factor into when to harvest them was I saw signs of a couple of them getting ready to flower. I could tell this because I saw a tiny bit of yellow and the buds were starting to get big. I cut them off before they became bitter. I also harvested some shoots just to make sure I had enough for a meal. I still have plenty of side shoots growing and I will watch to see if I get anymore from the plants I just cut.

Since we are in the dog days of summer and temperatures have been quite hot I have been making sure to water my broccoli regularly to keep the soil as cool as possible. By doing this and cutting the broccoli whenever it shows any sign of flowering, I have been able to keep my plants going through a hot period of time.

Packman Broccoli 7-22-10 (2)