Honey Pearl White Nectarines

(Last Updated On: June 11, 2014)

Honey Pearl White Nectarines

We all have our moments where we crave something sweet. It’s a “I got to have it” moment. Your mind is consumed about getting your fix and nothing will take your mind off it until you do. Most of the time the choices made at not healthiest – such as the cheap grocery store candy bar we have all bought at some point. This is where a good sweet piece of fruit is your saving grace. Right at the top of the list is the white nectarines. They are among the sweetest fruit you can buy. Patience may be required. The first couple varieties to hit the market in May are lacking the sweetness that white nectarines are known for. It really doesn’t develop until we get into the June ripening varieties. The best of the bunch seem to be the ones with the name “Pearl” in them. I recently received some Honey Pearl White Nectarines from Kingsburg Orchards. A beautiful red skinned nectarine.

My Experience with this Nectarine in 2014 (Rating Scale 1-10)

Attribute Score
Acidity 3
Flavor 8
Sweetness 9
Juiciness 8
Type Clingstone

Overall Feelings
Super sweet and juicy. Very low acid level. Good for those that don’t like or can’t deal with the more acidic peaches or nectarines. These are like eating candy. Satisfies the sweet tooth. They are a clingstone that are firm, even at peak ripeness.

How to Find Pearl White Nectarines
First take a moment to check out my tips on finding great peaches (same rules apply to nectarines). Kingsburg Orchards has 14 varieties that belong to the “Pearl series”. Listed below is each variety and the approximate date they are ready. Honey Pearl arrived quite early this year. Check the box at the store or ask a produce worker/manager if they know you are getting a Pearl Nectarine.

May Pearl 5/11
Polar Pearl 5/25
Sugar Pearl 6/8
Honey Pearl 6/8
Spring Pearl 6/11
Kay Pearl 6/19
Candy Pearl 6/21
Crimson Pearl 6/23
Grand Pearl 6/28
Fire Pearl 7/6
Red Pearl 7/25
Giant Pearl 8/5
August Pearl 8/5
Snow Pearl 8/6