HOTLIPS Introduces Cherry Soda

(Last Updated On: December 1, 2010)

HOTLIPS Cherry Soda Since 1984, HOTLIPS has been making pizza to the delight of the people of Portland, Oregon. On a growing national level it isn’t the pizza they are known for, but their soda. In 2005, they began producing soda using fresh fruit grown in Oregon and Washington. In 2008, they began bottling their soda. Now in 2010, they have come out with a new flavor, cherry. Co-owner of HOTLIPS, David Yudkin said that “Cherry may be the most challenging fruit to transform into a HOTLIPS Soda of the entire flavor portfolio, with nostalgic flavor associations and expectations from many a palate”. He goes onto to say that “Even with those expectations, the surprise of essential cherry taste is welcomed and celebrated by cherry enthusiasts. This is the perfect new addition to our line of natural fruit sodas.”

Unlike other cherry soda on the market, nothing artificial was added here. It’s a combination of cherry juice, cane sugar, and water. The sugar itself in infused with vanilla beans to add another dimension of flavor. I look forward to giving this flavor a try myself. My wife who has hated every cherry soda she has every tried is even looking forward to trying this flavor.

For more about HOTLIPS soda and to find where to purchase it, click here to visit their website.
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