How Do You Fix Lumpy Gravy?

(Last Updated On: November 21, 2015)

Have you been in this situation – you are just ready to serve up your Thanksgiving meal. You look down and notice that your gravy is full of lumps. Nobody wants to serve lumpy gravy. What do you do? Do you just shallow your pride and serve it anyway or is there a better way? My advice is simple, strain the gravy! This will remove all the lumps from your gravy.

Now since you have lumps, that probably means your gravy wasn’t thick enough to begin with because at least some of your thickener didn’t work. So that means you are going to have to try to thicken again. Most people know about mixing water with flour first, before adding it to the gravy. And this can work, but I have a couple tips for you. First, don’t just use water, use a bit of the liquid you are trying to thicken. You are just going to increase the time it takes to thicken by adding more water. Second, add the mixture when the liquid is warm but not boiling. If it is too hot your gravy will turn more gluey than thick.

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