How to Grow Bibb Lettuce

(Last Updated On: May 11, 2011)

Lettuce is one of the first things you can grow in your garden each year. We planted some from seed in our garden earlier in the year. Last week, we were at the farmer’s market and saw some Bibb Lettuce plants for sale. Bibb Lettuce is a great choice for using like a wrap. So we decided to buy a pack and plant them in a container that we had available.

When to Plant
You want to plant any lettuce earlier. It will bolt or go to seed once the hot weather hits. So you can either start it indoors or plant it as soon as you can work the soil. A lot of people will cover their lettuce, making a greenhouse to help it grow. You can also plant lettuce later in the season for a fall crop.

Starting Seeds
Lettuce can be easily started from seed. I choose to buy plants in this case, because it will be difficult at this time to have the Bibb Lettuce reach maturity from seed when summer is getting so close.

Expected Harvest
Bibb Lettuce takes a little longer than other varieites, but still 57 days is not bad. Since I bought mine as plants, I am not sure how old they are, but I am thinking I will be harvesting it by the end of May/early June. I planted it at the beginning of May.