How to Grow Tavera French Filet Beans (Haricot Verts)

(Last Updated On: June 24, 2011)

In the gardening world you have to have the attitude of if you don’t succeed try again. Last year, the animals keep me from enjoying any French filet beans. This year I have changed my strategy and the seeds were planted in an area where animals are rarely an issue. I choose to try these types of beans for two reasons: first they are thin, so they are not too beany, and second they are expensive to buy in the grocery store. I pick out 3 different kinds of haricot verts to grow this year, all a different color. The first one I will discuss is the Tavera. They are a traditional green color.

Pole or Bush
These are bush beans, so they do not need any support to grow. Just plant them in the grow and wait for your beans to come up, usually in 7-10 days. Mine took about a week to come up.

When to Plant
Beans can be planted after the risk for frost is over. You can keep planting them all the way into mid-summer. As long as the harvest happens before the first fall frost, you are safe.

Expected Harvest
I planted my beans after my spinach and lettuce turned bitter. The date was Sunday, June 12th. These beans take 54 days, so I should be harvesting right around the beginning of August.