Ideas for Christmas Gifts – Small Appliances

(Last Updated On: December 8, 2009)

Christmas is fast approaching and you may find yourself still looking for that perfect gift for someone. In this entry, I will give you some great ideas for small appliances (or fun gadgets with plugs) that would make excellent gifts this year.

1. Ice Cream Maker

They say that we all scream for ice cream, so why not give a gift that will keep the receipent screaming all year long. This ice cream maker from Cuisinart works really well and it won’t break the bank. Keep the Ben and Jerry’s at the store, and churn your own premium ice cream.

2. Electric Coffee/Spice Grinder

If you have a coffee lover in your family, then give them the ability to grind up their own beans. Not only is a coffee ginder good for doing the obvious, it is also good for grinding up whole spices (thank you Alton Brown for that idea!), so that you can get the most flavor out of them by grinding them yourself.

3. Electric Kettle

For someone who makes a lot of tea and coffee, this would make a great gift. Electric kettles heat up water, a lot quicker and safer than any other method. They are also good if you need hot water on hand at a moment’s notice such as making homemade chicken stock and you need to add more water now and then.

4. Immerison (Stick) Blender

These types of blender are convient when you need to puree somethign that is already in a pot and you don’t want to have to move it to your regular blender. I use mine all the time for soups, pureeing fruit for ice cream or sorbet, and making baby food when our daughter was younger.

5. Electric Griddle

For someone with a big family this electric griddle may be a lifesaver. This griddle allows you plenty of space to cook and flip pancakes and hamburgers.