Izze Sparking Blueberry

(Last Updated On: January 21, 2010)

Izze Blueberry

This is part of a series of posts on juices and unique drinks that I have come across. Everyone knows the Pepsis and Cokes of this world and many sites cover the wines and beers, but I am bringing to you the rest of the beverage world

Recently I had the chance to try out one of Izze’s sparking juice beverages, in the flavor of blueberry. First some background on the company. They began in 2002, with two friends that wanted to start a company together. They got the idea for these sparking juices from drinking some European sodas. They also wanted to have a company that could help raise awareness for the The Global Education Fund which according to their website is “a non-profit organization dedicated to providing educational opportunities for underrepresented individuals throughout the world”. Their drinks are made using 70% juice mixed with sparking water, without any added flavors, color, or preservatives.

3stars This drink definitely tasted like blueberries. It was similar to a blueberry soda pop recipe that I tried once that I got off an episode of Good Eats. I tend to like my drinks on the sweeter side than a lot of people, so this one wasn’t that sweet. It did have a genuine blueberry flavor. I think a lot of people would enjoy this drink, probably more than me, which is why I gave it 3 stars. It’s perfect for someone looking for carbonated drink that isn’t too sweet.